DreadStar: The Quest for Revenge Is Headed For Steam On October 20th

DreadStar: The Quest for Revenge Is Headed For Steam On October 20th
Credit: Steam XO

Return to the land of chiptune soundtracks and fast-paced gunplay as you enter into DreadStar. This unique title blends RPG elements with level-ups and skill improvements into a classic bullet hell adventure. The game is filled with blood-pumping action that is sure to help even the fastest gunman blast their way through any situation.

Coming from Augmented Irreality this title is designed for classic top-down shooter fans looking to shed some blood. The title plans to have 6 repayable sectors and already has plans to release a playable demo os this unique and driving title.

Enter into a unique retro-inspired shooter that mixes bullet-hell gameplay with RPG progression Take on epic bosses through six replayable sectors as you enjoy a galaxy presented in gorgeous pixel art. Mix that with unique ship customization and you will find a fast-paced adventure that will blast even the most skilled pilots out of the sky.

The main focus on this game is gunplay as it balances shooting with dodging. Push through the challenging bosses as you improve your ship, its loadout, and your skills. Upgrade your ship to meet the needs of each battle, and if needed return to past levels and rack up points for even further upgrades.

This fast-paced shooter contains four different ships with 10 different weapons designed to destroy all opponents. Customize your vessel with new engines, shields, specials items and more so that your craft behaves just as you designed it too.

Gain experience in every level and skill points so you can improve your ship’s inherent traits. As you slowly gain more skill and abilities. Each sector does come with varying difficulties so players can adjust as needed to overcome even the most challenging problems.

This title includes gorgeous pixel art cutscenes with a fairly traditional chiptune soundtrack. At first glance this game is easily a blast to the past as it even comes with a 4:3 display ration and CRT mode for an authentic retro experience on PC.

Any fans of space shooters and bullet hells with find a ton of fun in this unique title. It mixes the good and bad of previous titles and becomes a unique blend of replayability, score collecting, and game mastering.

DreadStar comes out on October 20th for PC. Although the game seems to be releasing as a PC exclusive, many fans are hoping that they may see a console release sometime in the developer’s future.