Dragons In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Are Impressive, But The Game’s Infamous Bugs Are Just As Memorable

Dragons In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Are Impressive, But The Game’s Infamous Bugs Are Just As Memorable
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A Skyrim player has discovered a dragon seemingly buried up to its neck in the earth, which is very unusual. So naturally, many players will be concerned that Bethesda’s upcoming entry in the long-running RPG series, The Elder Scrolls 6, will suffer from the same bugs that plagued the studio’s past efforts. However, the fact that players are still discovering oddities after nearly 11 years is grounds for concern, even if some of these discoveries are pretty funny.

Anyone who has played the 2011 epic knows that dragons play a significant role in Skyrim’s primary storyline, frequently flying magnificently overhead before coming in for an attack on a hamlet or the Dragonborn. Unfortunately, the game’s been plagued with problems from launch, so the moment it becomes clear that one of these winged animals has managed to get itself lodged in the floor, the magnificence can be quickly diminished.

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A Reddit member named mhb2, who plays Skyrim, confirmed this. A Revered Dragon may be seen cruising the shoreline in a recently published image. In this case, only the animal’s head is visible above ground; the remainder of the species is likely to be buried. Reading further in the discussion and taking into account the “Search” prompt shown in the screenshot, it’s evident that the dragon has died and that the user has been making light of the situation by saying that the body has been following them around for days. One player recommended installing a mod named “Dead NPC Body Cleaner Remover” to dispose of the animal as a workaround.

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Skyrim, on the other hand, features some functional glitches as well. For example, to steal from a merchant without getting caught, the Dragonborn typically places a pot or basket over their head. But as entertaining and helpful as some flaws can be, it represents a careless approach to completing a game’s production for many players. Unfortunately, this image has followed Bethesda for years.