Dragon Ball FighterZ To Add Master Roshi As A New DLC Character In September

Dragon Ball FighterZ To Add Master Roshi As A New DLC Character In September
Credit: Bandai Namco Via YouTube

Despite releasing more than two years ago, the smash hit fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ is still adding DLC characters onto its already impressive roster.

The FighterZ Pass 3 DLC set has been steadily growing, first releasing the fused fighter Kefla, followed by the Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku that was seen in Dragon Ball Super’s final arc. Now, a third character has been added to the mix with the legendary Turtle Hermit Master Roshi joining the battle.

The announcement was made by Developer Bandai Namco via a trailer that was released on YouTube.

Roshi is a very important character to the story of Dragon Ball. He is Goku’s first teacher and the creator of the series’ signature attack, the Kamehameha.

In the trailer, we see Roshi showing off with a number of flashy moves, ending things off with his Mafuba technique, or Evil Containment Wave in the English version.

Other than that, we don’t get a whole heck of a lot. It will be interesting to see if Roshi will be able to transform into his heavily muscled state as a special move. It was also interesting that the special move shown off was the Mafuba and not the Kamehameha, which Roshi is most well known for.

Master Roshi is also known as the Turtle Hermit. He is a multi-time world martial arts champion and lives on a small island with a 1,000 year old turtle named Turtle.

Roshi is a brilliant martial artist, but he is also a sleazy old pervert who often gets in trouble for gawking at women.

He was a major character in the original series, Dragon Ball. He fought Goku in disguise as Jackie Chun in the World Martial Arts Tournament, and even tried to take on the evil King Piccolo, dying in the process. After being resurrected by the Dragon Balls, Roshi was much more of a supporting character in the follow up series, Dragon Ball Z.

In the most recent series, Dragon Ball Super, Roshi is once again treated as a major character, helping the other fighters in the battle against the Frieza Force and participating as one of the 10 Universe Seven fighters in the Tournament of Power.

There is no official release date yet for the character, but it is confirmed to be sometime in September. Roshi is the third announced character for the FighterZ Pass 3, which means that there will be two more characters announced in the future.