DOOM Eternal Creative Director Clarifies That There Will Be Absolutely No Microtransactions

DOOM Eternal Creative Director Clarifies That There Will Be Absolutely No Microtransactions
Credit: Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

There was a story ran recently stating that it appeared very plausible that the upcoming DOOM Eternal title could have microtransactions; there were readily viewable parts of the screen shown in Giant Bomb’s demo that showed areas for ‘Boosters’ and the experience gain system seemed ready for a nice and healthy dose of microtransactions.  It wasn’t a wild claim, either, with how Bethesda has recently been failing to curry favor from their fans.

The Creative Director, Hugo Martin, of DOOM Eternal was asked outright by a fan on Facebook if DOOM Eternal would have microtransactions.  Hugo stated clearly that there were to be no microtransactions in the upcoming shooter, as it’s a $60 title.

We are giving you a complete experience with no store just like you’d expect – Hugo Martin

Skins for weapons can be unlocked in-game if players would prefer, and can otherwise completely skip that aspect of the game and just run through and murder hordes of demons straight from Hell.

Now, cynicism might tell you to take this announcement with a grain of salt, as publishers have proven in the past to bait-and-switch gamers (Starwars Battlefront II) in the past, but this announcement doesn’t bring any alarm bells with it.  In the past, id Software has always tried to do right by their fans, and they have a long and storied history of doing just that.  While Bethesda may be at the helm of publishing, it would be near suicide for the franchise to belittle their fans in such a way.

Thank Hell, it seems like we can all now go back to getting hype for the title that’s due March 20, 2020.

Beyond the mission closing screen that has brought all of this talk about, DOOM Eternal seems to be an even bigger foray through Hell than what players have experienced in titles prior.  With promises of throwing more hordes at players in the first three hours than what they experienced the entire game of DOOM, it seems likely that this could be a rather successful iteration on the decades-old franchise.

The combat is just as visceral and gore-filled as fans of the franchise would expect, and with the Creative Director himself coming out and stating that there will be no microtransactions, it might actually be safe to wade through some Bethesda waters to once again play as the murderous slayer that gives Hell itself pause to reconsider.  It is interesting to see how many players were turned off to the franchise from the possibility of microtransactions being present; perhaps the gaming industry may be finally shifting.