Detroit: Become Human By Quantic Dream Is Coming To The Epic Games Store Next Week

Detroit: Become Human By Quantic Dream Is Coming To The Epic Games Store Next Week
Credit: Quantic Dream via YouTube

There have been a lot of great narrative-based games to come out in the last few years. However, one that certainly stands out in many departments is Detroit: Become Human by Quantic Dream. For the longest time, this game was exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Starting next week, though, it will be available on the Epic Games Store. Thus, a whole new audience gets to experience this emotionally-gripping game.

If you’re a PC user who’s never had the pleasure of playing this game, it revolves around three different androids. Society is in an interesting time. They’re more reliant on AI than ever before. There are constant debates about AI robots deserving rights like real people.

Throughout the game’s story, these three androids run into questions surrounding human life. Have androids been exploited just like slaves were many years ago? Those are the themes that are broached brilliantly by the developer Quantic Dream.

Detroit: Become Human also shines in the choice department. The decisions you make and how you respond to NPCs directly impact the outcome of this game. Certain sequences could even be fatal for one of the three androids, which makes everything you do matter even more. This added weight is dialed in perfectly and instantly makes this game stand out amongst other narrative-based games. The branching possibilities also give you all the more reason to play through the game again and again.

The voice-acting is absolutely amazing in this game as well. That’s particularly true regarding the android named Markus, who’s played by Jesse Williams. This actor does a brilliant job at emoting and giving Markus a ton of personality. There are points when you honestly feel like you’re watching a blockbuster action or drama movie. The other actors and actresses do a phenomenal job with their roles as well.

Even the graphics stand up and honestly are some of the best visuals you can experience today. It should be mentioned that the game isn’t meant to provide over-the-top action. Rather, you’re supposed to sit back and enjoy the story like you would with a movie. Many have compared it to a walking simulator, but it’s much more than that.

The story featured is as thought-provoking as they come. After spending any reasonable amount of time with this game, you’ll begin questioning the difference between humans and androids with AI intelligence. This game being brought to the Epic Games Store just means even more people can experience its amazing story and unique butterfly-effect design.