Good Smile Company Announces Nendoroid Figure Of Detroit: Become Human’s Connor

Good Smile Company Announces Nendoroid Figure Of Detroit: Become Human’s Connor
Credit: Good Smile Company Website

Good Smile Company, a Japanese manufacturer of goods of popular series, has recently announced a new android is joining their Nendoroid lineup. GCS is releasing a Nendoroid of Detroit: Become Human’s primary android character Connor.

Detroit: Become Human was first released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in early 2018. The game was later released on PC, giving more players an opportunity to play Quantic Dream’s title.

The game is set in future Detroit, where machines are becoming smarter than humans. Players control different android characters throughout the game. Some decisions will improve the relationship between machine and humankind, where others will further divide them.

The decisions players make have a significant impact on how the game ends. The game became popular for it’s cast of characters and storyline, which were significantly different from Quantum Dream’s previous title Heavy Rain.

Detroit: Become Human‘s PC port has been more recent after its 2018 release. Now those who have been following the game since its launch two years ago can hold a piece of the game in their hands but in a smaller, cuter form.

Connor is the first Detroit: Become Human character to join the Nendoroid line. Along with the announcement were product photos of the figure. All Nendoroids come with multiple facial expressions, changeable hands, and a clear plastic stand to stage photos.

Connor is shown wearing his standard uniform that he wears for a majority of the game. He comes with two different faceplates. One face shows his everyday expression while the other shows Connor winking.

Since decisions matter in the game, Connor has three interchangeable LED lights that go on his temples. They include blue, yellow, and red, depending on what kind of character players want Connor to be.

Connor’s optional accessories include a coin, handgun, fish, and a clear sheet with an “O” and “X” where fans can write important decisions for him to make. The clear acrylic stand is reusable, so players can write various decisions at any time. One of the examples is to help or save a fish, which is why a fish is included as an accessory.

Those interested in purchasing the smaller, cuter version of the android only have until August 21. The price is around $45 (excluding taxes and shipping charges). Some Nendoroids become harder to find if not pre-ordered, so fans should pre-purchase as soon as possible. Good Smile Company occasionally re-issues some of their most popular designs, but there’s no guarantee.

Nendoroid Connor from Detroit: Become Human is scheduled to ship in February 2021.