Destiny 2: Xur Exotic Vendor Inventory And Location For The Week Of April 24th

Destiny 2: Xur Exotic Vendor Inventory And Location For The Week Of April 24th
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

In Destiny 2, a mysterious wandering merchant named Xur will appear from Friday through Tuesday of the next week in a set rotation of locations across the galaxy. The character is mysterious but aims to help the player by selling them exclusive weapons and armor pieces of exotic quality. This makes him the only way to purchase exotics in the entire game, and thus is something to look forward to.

Xur also sells something called a Fated Engram. This special engram drops an exotic, which is good enough on its own. For the hefty price of 97 Legendary Shards, however, it also offers so much more. This particular exotic will drop a random unobtained weapon or armor piece for your guardians if there are any left to get. If you are lacking on certain exotics make sure to pick this up before he departs next week.

Now for the rotational items, the weapon up for sale this week is the Fighting Lion, which is a grenade launcher. The weapon is special for a variety of reasons, not the least of all being that the Fighting Lion actually uses primary ammo. It’s perk is Delayed Gratification, which prevents grenades from detonating as they normally would. Instead, they bounce and only explode when you release the trigger. This takes a lot of time to get used to and aim but can be well worth it.

On to the armor pieces, Hunters this week get lucky as Celestial Nighthawk is in stock. If you play Hunter and don’t have this exotic helmet, seriously you need to get it. Hawkeye Hack, the helmet’s perk, causes the Golden Gun super to only fire one high damage shot. Especially paired with a juicy headshot, this is an absolute boss melter and a must-have for certain activities.

Warlocks, on the other hand, get the short end of the stick with the Sanguine Alchemy chest piece. The armor is primarily PvP oriented, and the perk Heightened Senses will mark priority targets on your radar while in a rift. Sounds like a pretty good deal, until you consider that standing in a rift tends to make you a sitting duck. Still, it’s worth at least trying out if you love the Crucible.

Finally, Titans this week can look forward to nabbing the Hallowfire Heart exotic. This chest piece is fantastic for all modes of play. The perk Sunfire Furnace supercharges your ability cooldowns when the Hammer of Sol super is charged, but not activated. This means you can hold your super for just the right moment, and enjoy increased amounts of grenades and shoulder charges.

In order to attain any of these wares, you must first find the elusive Agent of the Nine. Xur this week is located on Nessus and is hanging out on Calus’ Barge. If you’re still stumped on where to go, head over to the Watcher’s Grave location on the map first.

That about wraps up the information you need on Xur for this week. Make sure to visit him and peruse his wares before he leaves on the Tuesday reset, and stick around next week for another analysis of his goods.