Death Come True’s Next Revealed Character Is Cheering For The Game’s Antagonist

Death Come True’s Next Revealed Character Is Cheering For The Game’s Antagonist
Credit: Death Come True website

The latest character for the upcoming FMV title Death Come True has been revealed. Death Come True is a completely full-motion video game from Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka and Izanaga Games.

The newest cast member is entirely different from the previous, more serious, characters.

Announced this week was Chihiro Yamamoto as Nene Kurushima, the number one fan of the serial killer. She was already staying in the hotel. Nene also happens to be a big fan of murderers in general. She claims she’s a big fan of Karaki, the alleged serial killer. Her real role in the story is unknown. Nene will almost certainly cross paths with the protagonist, who has been accused of the murders.

Yamamoto is a popular actress who has appeared in various works, including Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider and Ultraman Geed. She’s also had reoccurring roles as Curly Brace in Blade Strangers and Crystal Crisis in the past two years.

Previously announced were Kanata Hongo as the protagonist Makoto Karaki, Chiaki Kuriyama as Police Investigator Akane Sachimura, Win Morisaki as another Police Investigator named Nozomu Kuji, and Yuki Kaji as the “Hotel Concierge.”

The Concierge is the most mysterious character of all since his real name is not revealed, and he has an emotionless expression in his character reveal.

Death Come True is an FMV set inside of a mysterious hotel. The protagonist wakes up with no memories and learns that he’s the primary suspect in a serial murder case.

Death Come True relies on the player to make crucial decisions throughout the game. The trailer shows a hint of what’s to come, such as the player interface that appears when Karaki walks around the hotel. The decisions will change the path to the story and lead to one of the multiple endings.

There is only one more character to be revealed, which is likely to happen later this week. For the past six weeks, the Death Come True team has revealed a cast member appearing in the upcoming game.

The official website has been updated with the platforms the title will be released. The platforms include PC, PlayStation 4, iOS/Android. Xbox One is not listed, but the platforms may change in the future.

The official release date for Death Come True has not yet been announced.