Dead By Daylight Releases A Significant, Game-Altering Update

Dead By Daylight Releases A Significant, Game-Altering Update

Patch notes that outline all the changes made by the game’s developer have been posted, including a new Dead by Daylight update.

And the DBD upgrade is enormous, as you can see from these latest updates. These patch notes may be the biggest for the game this year. The patch notes highlight several minor adjustments and modifications, but several are also referred to as “significant changes.”

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The new advancement system has been incorporated into the standard base game that everyone plays today after being given access to the beta release servers for a few weeks.

Data has demonstrated that the periods were difficult for the Killers in Dead By Daylight, including a new progression system. The balance of the Killer has been somewhat improved in a number of ways to make them feel like an unstoppable force throughout a Trial.

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They will be able to destroy Pallets, Walls, and damage Generators, all at a 10% faster rate. The duration of the speed increase that Survivors experience after being attacked has also been decreased, as well as the cooldown for successful Basic Attacks, by 10%. All of this will aid killers in their attempts to frighten witnesses during a trial.

The new advancement system does not delete any perks, gear, or aesthetics that have already been acquired on a character, “even if having them would contravene the new system’s rules,” it is vital to mention up front. The progression revamp, however, reduces the amount of time it takes to level up characters and get all of their advantages.

Some basic gameplay adjustments should also make life on Killers a bit simpler (the poor things). In particular, it now takes a single survivor 90 seconds instead of 80 seconds to repair a generator. When a Killer kicks a generator, it now also starts regression and causes a loss of progress of 2.5 percent.