Stranger Things Is Now Released In Dead By Daylight For All Platforms, Two New Survivors And The Demogorgan Have Joined The Game

Stranger Things Is Now Released In Dead By Daylight For All Platforms, Two New Survivors And The Demogorgan Have Joined The Game
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

The popular Netflix series Stranger Things has come to Dead By Daylight bringing the first non-human killer to the game. The Demogorgon who plagued the residents of Hawkin is now patrolling the grounds under the power of The Entity. New maps, characters, and challenges have been added to the game creating a new experience for fans to enjoy.

Dead By Daylight has gone a long way since its original release adding horror icons like Ghostface and Freddy Krueger. Each patch helps the game remain relevant and continues the growth of its massive online community. Fans have asked for the addition of the Demogorgon for a while; let’s hope they can handle what they asked for.

The developers have teamed up with Netflix to work on the new map, kill, and two new survivors. Trying to make an authentic Stranger Things experience took time, but they believe they have found the perfect balance. The new map is set at Hawkins National Laboratory’s Underground Complex.

In the show, this is where a government experiment went very wrong and instead connected our world to another dimension. Out of this rift came the Demogorgon who then preyed upon the locals of the nearby city. Sharp turns, broken walls, blood-covered rooms, and dead bodies fill the map giving it an eerie presentation.

The developers feel that the map is filled with great jumpscare opportunities, curvy hallways to hide in, and enough other-dimensional plants to make it feel real. It is a two-floor map with stairs connecting each and its generators open doors and changes the direction of the map similar to the one created for The Pig.

The Demogorgon itself brought different problems in its devlopment. Thankfully the animation team was ready and has brought the horrible monstrosity to life. It has its own set of perks, like every killer, but its power is something new in the game’s strategy. The Demogorgon can open portals and place them around the map. Using these portals, it can teleport between them crawling into the upsidedown and then returning.

The two survivors are Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington from the show. They have been in the series since it started and continue to remain relevant. Steve highlights residence-based perks helping him survive hits, Camradie perks, and altruistic perks. Nancy is set into survival, scouting, and stealth-based perks helping her find the truth of what is happening.

The new set of survivors and killers is already in motion. You can play this content on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Although a new killer has just been released, fans have once again begun the discussion of who might be next to join the entity in killing the survivors.