Dauntless Fortune & Glory Is Now Live With New Challenges And Battles To Be Conquered

Dauntless Fortune & Glory Is Now Live With New Challenges And Battles To Be Conquered
Credit: Phoenix Labs

Dauntless is a free-to-play Monster Hunter style game that pits teams of players against powerful foes. It falls into the skill over loot feel of gameplay and has a very active community currently backing it. The developers, Phoenix Labs, have just released the game’s newest expansion called Fortune & Glory.

This is expansion brings a new challenge in the form of an Island of Trials. As players compete on leaderboards to impress Lady Luck, many would-be adventurers will meet their end at the dangerous Behemoths that reside on the islands. The game has terrain-transforming pests and a constantly ticking clock keeping hunters pushing forward under extream pressure.

The new update is split between Normal and Dauntless difficulties with varying rewards for completion. Players can ear Steel Marks if they finish Normal Trials which can be used to buy weapon mods or alternative special attacks. If players complete the Dauntless level Trials, they can acquire Gilded Marks, which are used for exclusive cosmetic rewards.

Completing the trials is the only way to gain Steel and Gilded Marks with no loot boxes to be seen. This may be a game that truly exists without any major microtransactions. With a free-to-play community and a dedicated devlopment team, Dauntless might be the game to make a difference.

The arrival of Fortune & Glory brings the beginning of the sixth season, High Skies. This new season brings a brand new Bunt Pass to work through with 50 levels of pirate-themed cosmetics and content to unlock. The developers have announced that High Skies will contain two Hunt Passes with the second expected to launch sometime in August.

Dauntless has received a lot of attention for its stress-free multiplayer experience and seamless cross-play. It includes a hop in hop out experience and allows for almost any players to confidently fight the foes of the game. Its unique style and quirky characters bring a lot of value and depth to the world that is unexpected of a title such as this.

The game is still new, and so it can feel empty at times, but the developers are working hard to increase the population of the game and further improve the experience. As time goes on, many say that Dauntless will be a major competitor to Warframe as it plays on a similar business model and fast-paced nature. While it appeals to Monster Hunter fans, the game still is full of minor bugs that prevent it from being the same level of quality.

Dauntless is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. A Switch version of the game is scheduled to be released in 2019, but further details are currently unknown.