Cyberpunk 2077 Playable On Linux With Proton Thanks To CDPR Working With Valve

Cyberpunk 2077 Playable On Linux With Proton Thanks To CDPR Working With Valve
Credit: Valve via YouTube

Everyone has their own opinions on precisely how Cyberpunk 2077 actually ended up turning out after seven years of hype and anticipation that began building in 2012 to its final zenith with a launch in time for the 2020 holidays.

Sure, the date arrived after multiple delays and setbacks that resulted in some looking for the apex of gaming in 2020 with forward-facing mechanics and environments to fully immerse themselves in, and somehow the communication between CD Projekt Red and fans managed to get a bit lost in translation, but it’s very much a serviceable title.

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It might rub you the wrong way, you might find it to be impeccable, but it has arrived and, on PC at least, is in a serviceable state. One should note that this isn’t the case, especially for current generation consoles, but it is mostly playable on PC.

The interesting aspect of this is that it isn’t only playable on Windows, Microsoft’s monopolistic hold on PC operating systems that seems to only be further ingrained into the platform with each passing year, but that it’s also fully playable on Linux as well thanks to the Proton translator that is an open-source project headed up by Valve and worked on by other notables such as Google developers and Nvidia themselves.

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If you’re interested whatsoever in somehow weakening the grip that Microsoft has on the PC platform, with their bloated applications and constant spyware, then you should at least take heed of Proton.

Cyberpunk 2077 is entirely playable on Linux through Proton (after a 5.13-4 update) thanks to CD Projekt Red actually offering the team access to a test build.

A monumentally hyped title arriving with day one Proton access is worth taking note of, regardless of the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears necessary to get all hands working in tandem on the project.

Along with the day one compatibility announcement (that helped stave off dual-boot users from needing to update Windows), Valve dev Piere-Loup Griffais also noted that a Proton experimental branch has been launched with architectural improvements to Wire with improved architectural multi-threading along with CPU overhead getting a nice look at.

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To be absolutely clear, a world where Microsoft rules the PC OS world isn’t a kind one; some may have forgotten about how Microsoft tricked multiple Windows 7 users into ‘upgrading’ to Windows 10 where closing out the upgrade screen actually resulted in somehow accepting the loss of everything and the corrupting of anything else.

Competition, properly introduced, is key to companies not taking advantage of their position. This is why the console wars are, on their own, about as anti-consumer as you can get.