Overwatch League – Paris Eternal Announces Avalla As The General Manager For The 2021 Season

Overwatch League – Paris Eternal Announces Avalla As The General Manager For The 2021 Season
Credit: Overwatch League via YouTube

Anyone who has been keeping their fingers on the proverbial pulse of the Overwatch League during the offseason know it has been an extremely wild ride thus far, and we’re now looking at less than a month left before organizations need to solidify their rosters for the upcoming season that is getting a late start in April.

Of the very many stories that have sprawled out of this offseason, that sees legendary names and teams floundering for recognition and pick-ups, is the Paris Eternal.

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With rumors of extremely limited funds that they can use to sign talent for the upcoming season, leaked scrimmages, and a young Korean woman named Kim ‘AVALLA’ Kyoung Ey (also known as ‘Molly’) at the heart of all of it and trying to keep the organization in the realm of normalcy as big names were suddenly dropped from the roster.

The former assistant manager of the Paris Eternal found herself arguably up a creek without a paddle; beset on all sides by setbacks as she attempted to single-handedly construct a team, scout talent, organize contracts, and who knows what else led to a personal Twitter feed of hers showing that she could be feeling overwhelmed and understaffed.

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A constant point we’ve seen ruminated concerning the Overwatch League during the offseason.

So imagine everyone’s pleasant surprise when the Paris Eternal announced that Avalla is going to be the upcoming General Manager of the Paris Eternal after managing to keep a team together with little more than sheer willpower.

This is a feel-good moment for many fans and players of the League that have spoken consistently about the lengths that Avalla was willing to go through during the tumultuous offseason, as she wore all hats while trying to offer what guidance she could to the League’s young players.


Anytime a hard worker receives some well-deserved recognition is a feel-good moment.

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Yet the actual test of her skills is frankly yet to come, and they will be tested to the nines in the upcoming season of the Overwatch League that sees almost every team desperate for money and scraping for affordable talent as the San Francisco Shock continue to dominate.

Mean matches are going to be starting up in April, when the actual ability of Avalla will likely be tested far more than she has in the past; hopefully, her staffing hires will be able to guide the team to a new height as the League looks on.