Crossout Has Released A New Content Update Titled The Madness Circuit

Crossout Has Released A New Content Update Titled The Madness Circuit
Credit: Crossout via Youtube

Ready your engine as Crossout has just released its new content update. The post-apocalyptic vehicle based online action game is entering the world of racing with a brand new game mode, unique vehicles, and a better control scheme to facilitate faster cars. The update is being applied to both console and PC releases of this title.

Crossout has always been about crafting armored vehicles and destroying other cars. The rockets, explosions, building, and personalization are built into this title in a bright and unique way. Fans have loved the customization alongside the ability to cause untold levels of destruction.

This is a major shift in thinking for Crossout as the title moves from destruction and into racing and skills. Compete against other players in a more peaceful mode with the content update designed with racing in mind.

The new race track is called the “Rocky Track” and it is the first of its kind. This route is designed for fast cars capable of straight shots and maximum speed development. Better acceleration will have a default advantage on this map.

The “Industrial Track” is more about maneuverability and adapting to the environment. Enter a map with controlled speed and tight turns. This will challenge players to pilot their cars more than just going fast in a straight line.

The racing mode will be open to any custom-built cars but players can purchase a special DLC pack for a race car variant. The premade Adrenaline will include a Moby 935 car mounted with an epic MG13 Equalizer machine gun. Gain some extra race car components along with some scattered minor items.

Several other new features are being added throughout the game in this content update. Players will find destructible objects in the garages, a new selection for weather conditions, optimized gamepad support along with patches for issues in both PC and console versions of the games.

Enter the unique apocalyptic world of Crossout as you look into the PvP and PvE battle experiences There are thousands of possible combinations allowing each player a chance to have a unique build for their car.

For more information be sure to explore the developer website. Crossout has been around for quite a while so there are tons of guides, patch notes, and community forums for interested fans to explore.

Crossout is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation systems. This title is a free-to-play experience mixed with some minor microtransactions that allow some furthering to in-game viability.