AFK Arena Is Proud To Introduce Ezio Into Its Idle Fighting Ranks, Prepare For An Assassin To Destroy The Darkness

AFK Arena Is Proud To Introduce Ezio Into Its Idle Fighting Ranks, Prepare For An Assassin To Destroy The Darkness
Credit: Lilith Games

Lilith Games is proud to partner with Ubisoft adding the infamous Ezio from Assassin’s Creed into the fantasy realm of AFK Arena. This character will now appear as a playable hero after taking a brave leap of faith into the infamous idle game. The two-game styles are so dramatically different that this is sure to create an interesting combination of characters and story elements.

As the AFK Arena audience continues to grow the creatures are happy to see more cross over in the game’s future. After a successful year, the game is proud to have been downloaded over 40 million times and currently has a legion of active mobile players spreading across both the western and eastern mobile communities.

AFK Arena is a fantasy-based idle game meant for iOS and Android platforms. The game is proud to feature a unique art style, rich lore, massive world-building, and simple gameplay. Even when players are not actively online, the characters continue to gather XP and Loot for later distribution.

Players have a chance to gather up hundreds of heroes from the seven unique factions within the game. As they level each hero they will see chances for new equipment to continue to grow.

Embark on amazing quests and adventures as players unlock more of the world with varying quests. This game follows a strong and cohesive storyline, but the in-game events usually provide a frequent enough distraction to make the game feel new and updated.

Take down the invading forces of evil as you protect the land of Esperia. This game will introduce players to tons of strange worlds and lore without the dedication of a full campaign. There is enough world present to fascinate the audience, but not enough to get in the way of this titles casual experience.

Ezio will make for the first official crossover in the history of this title. Although the character fits the world exceedingly well, it is an unexpected feature for many fans. Some feel that the new character breaks the immersion of the already expansive title.

No matter, the new character is sure to complement any team and provide fans with an additional troop that is sure to ascend above all the others.

For more information be sure to check out the dedicated Discord community and main website.

AFK Arena is a free to play experience from Lilith Games available now on both iOS and Android devices.