Dota 2 Is Getting New Heroes, One Is An Epic Grandma With A Shotgun And She Brought Cookies

Dota 2 Is Getting New Heroes, One Is An Epic Grandma With A Shotgun And She Brought Cookies
Credit: Valve

Dota 2 has been the major competitor to League of Legends, and it is not often that they add new heroes that stand out. This time is difference as Valve has added both Snapfire and Void Spirit to the game. They were both unveiled at The International 2019, and they are both planned for release during the fall/autumn of this year. Void spirit will be seeing the second release in auto battler Dota Underlords.

These two new heroes will expand the roster and help add even more depth to the lore of the world. They are planned to be added during the outlander update, and fans are super excited for the new heroes to join into the fray.

There is not much known about the exact abilities of Snpfire but basked on the trailer she has some serious grandma vibes. She throws cookies to her allies which most fans are assuming is a healing buff, and she rides a fire-breathing lizard. To make it even more epic, she has a mounted machine gun on the saddle for rapid-fire capabilities and carries a very large shotgun to boot.

With a unique mount, many fans assume that the mount will give additional speed benefits along with a mounted machine gun. Aside from the obvious damage output angle, many see the potential in her mobility alone. Add her speed with healing cookies, and she seems like a comfortable jungler that wanders the map.

Her shotgun also looks heavy, most likely being her main weapon, and many players are expecting it to have a high damage output with a small range. Several players are excited just for the simple aesthetic purpose as she is an epic grandmother wielding a very large weapon.

Void Spirit fans know less about. This is the fourth Spirit to join the game and based on the other spirit fans are already taking guesses at the abilities of the new hero. They know from his trailer that he weirds a double-sided energy sword and a teleporter, but no specific details have been announced.

Thee new characters are sure to add an interesting mix into the game by shaking up the meta and bringing more fans back to the game. As with every major MOBA style game, the additions of new characters is usually paired with a minor event meant to introduce them into the world. Although not much is known about The Outlanders update, fans are sure to enjoy anything that comes their way.

Both of these new heroes and a bunch of new content will be added during The Outlanders update. If you are an avid fan of Dota 2, then you will be able to play the new patch sometime this fall. No official release date has been added as of yet.