Valve Updates Dota 2 To Address Issues With Leveling Feeling More Difficult

Valve Updates Dota 2 To Address Issues With Leveling Feeling More Difficult
Credit: dota2 via YouTube

Valve has been hard at work with improving their variety of products over the last few days. Yesterday we discussed some changes they had made to their Steam platform to make it more user friendly, primarily targeting Remote Play.

They aren’t slowing down just because they’ve been productive, though. Recently, the developers also made some improvements to their flagship MOBA title DOTA 2, bringing some quality of life changes.

Many in the Dota community have spoken out about leveling feeling more difficult this year with changes that had been made to the Battle Pass system. In response, Valve has decided to make a few alterations.

To be clear, the increase in difficulty isn’t one of skill but simply the arduous task of moving through the Battle Pass levels. With leveling now taking more towards it, progress feels sluggish, and it’s more difficult for players to feel as if they’re moving forward.

“We’ve read feedback from the community that leveling feels harder this year,” Valve explains. “We looked into how things compare so far to last year. For battle pass players of all levels, on average players have earned 1.95% more free levels than last year.”

Valve goes on to explain that there’s been an average of 7.91% more free levels so far than last year, which completely refutes the complaints that leveling has been more difficult. Instead, it shows that leveling has been much easier, but that doesn’t stop Valve from giving players what they want.

In response to the fan feedback, Valve is making the following changes to the system:

  • Wagering battle point rewards increased by 50%
  • Guild contract battle point rewards now doubled
  • Sideshop gold for recycling increased by 65%
  • Sideshop gold for guild contracts and upgrades doubled

All four of these changes are effective as of this newest update. Valve is also granting the extra gold to players that may have earned gold from previous recycles through the sideshop, making it so that no one feels ripped off.

Overall, it’s interesting that the community feels leveling has become more difficult when the statistics that Valve presents shows that it’s become easier. Perhaps tensions are simply rising after a bizarre year that forced so many of us inside, ending up with significantly more players online for the title to find flaws.

Either way, Valve seems more than happy to be giving the player base what they want. With these new changes, leveling and moving through the battle pass will be undeniably and noticeably easier.