Episode 4 Of Life Is Strange 2 Is Officially Out Now; Launch Trailer Shows An Emotional Journey For Sean

Episode 4 Of Life Is Strange 2 Is Officially Out Now; Launch Trailer Shows An Emotional Journey For Sean
Credit: Life is Strange via YouTube

If you like story-driven games that are filled with emotion and plot twists, you’re going to love Life is Strange 2. This sequel to the original takes place in episodic form, which is a great design from the people at Dontnod Entertainment. It helps build suspense for the next episode, much like what you get in a popular television series.

The game is now on Episode 4. Thus far, the story has been extremely eventful. If you’re not familiar with this series, the game follows Sean Diaz and his brother Daniel. Things start out pretty normal. The brothers get in a little mischief here and there, and then something happens that changes the course of their lives forever. Daniel has telekinetic powers and Sean struggles to guide him in the right direction.

Fast forward to Episode 4 and Sean is currently on the lookout for Daniel, who’s taken off to an undisclosed location. The episode is currently out now, where you can get it for only $8 on the Steam platform. To highlight the sequence of events you’ll experience in Episode 4, a trailer announcement has surfaced.

Fresh out of a comma, Sean isn’t sure where to go or what to do. Not only is his eye seriously battered from a glass shard caused by Daniel losing control of his powers, but he no longer has a companion. He’s forced to walk the streets a fugitive with nowhere to turn. It has been over two months since Daniel’s disappearance. As you can imagine, Sean is losing hope and getting desperate.

Sean is shown hitching across the Nevada desert. Talk about being stock between a rock and a hard place. The trailer also shows Sean interacting with shady characters. It seems like he will go to any lengths to reunite with his brother. You can’t really blame him, either. A brother’s love is unlike any other connection in this world. Him and Daniel are connected forever. He can’t stomach the fact that he may never seem him again.

We’re close to finishing this incredible journey. You can bet Episode 4 will enhance the stakes and lead to some pretty memorable sequences. If you’ve been following along this story, it’s a no-brainer to continue your journey. Is Daniel alive? Is he taking refuge in another state? That’s what you’ll get to find out sooner rather than later.

Life is Strange 2 has been gripping thus far, and you can bet the developers have a lot more in store.