Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff Is Planning A Launch On Steam Early Access This September

Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff Is Planning A Launch On Steam Early Access This September
Credit: Steam XO

Enter a unique freeform adventure in Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff plans its Early Access launch. Whether you take on the adventure solo or with friends the game is yours to explore in a unique and stylish low-poly environment. Slay monsters, complete epic quests, and hunt for forbidden treasure in a wonderful world of swords and magic.

This game came from a successful Kickstarter as developer Kindred Games worked to create an ambitious open-world RPG setting. Follow your deepest desires in a relaxing adventure built for all ages around the joy of discovery.

Grab a friend, strap on a sword, and prepare to enter a land filled with magic and stuff. There are hundreds of weapons, items, and spells awaiting fans to explore and use on a never-ending supply of enemies.

Make your mark on the world and enjoy a cute, multiplayer, open-world RPG experience. The low-poly style makes this game both cute and expansive allowing most systems to run this game.

Enter the realm of fantasy and heroics as a brand new adventurer looking to make a name for yourself. Explore a large and densely populated world full of things waiting to be discovered.

You are a blank slate just waiting to be defined. With no class, level, or restriction it is truly up to you to become whoever and whatever you wanna be in this world.

Be an adventurer and seek out epic adventure, or maybe settle down for the simple life as a farmer. Craft furniture, travel the world and become whatever you wanna be in a fantasy land of magic and weaponry.

This game is designed to be casual and fun experience for players of all ages. Play with your friends as you all take on different roles in a fantasy world. You are whoever you want to be in this fantasy setting, and don’t let anyone else tell you what to do.

Not many games have the style and simplicity to keep an open-world promise. Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff is planning to release in September for Early Access.

Interested fans can find out more about this title on the developers website. After a successful Kickstarter, there is sure to be tons of information about this game available to curious players. Although this game looks deceptively simple there can quickly be proof of a deeper and innovative experience buried below the low-poly surface of this RPG adventure.