Crossout Has Announced An Upcoming Content Update 0.11.20 Nicknamed “Drone Day”

Crossout Has Announced An Upcoming Content Update 0.11.20 Nicknamed “Drone Day”
Credit: Targem Games via Youtube

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have announced their upcoming update “Drone Day.” The update is for their post-apocalyptic vehicle based online action game Crossout, and it provides a whole new mode for players to enjoy.  Players will gain access to a new battle drone brawl mode, a new assault vehicle called Charlie-7, and extra bonuses for players who stay at home.

The new update brings together in-game events with special challenges and awards for players. One interesting feature is the “Stay at Home” event, where players are urged to limit contact as much as possible in real life. A special challenge for fans will give in-game coins for successful PvP battles. Extra challenges will be given out once per day for additional benefits.

A new brawl titled “Dronapocalypse” has been added to the game. The event will run from March 26 to April 8. It features eight vs. eight battles where players attempt to destroy the enemy Leviathan while simultaneously defending their own with a series of smaller vehicles. Players will use pre-assembled drones within the brawl and will be given a random one at the start of each battle.

The other major addition to the game is a new assault vehicle named the Charlie-7. This car is a “Scout vehicle” with a guided missile launcher attached. Players can purchase the car for 4000 in-game coins. Additionally, fans can expect a unique background and logo of the Assault Force scout, a set of decorative grilles, structural parts for the vehicle, a set of stickers, APC Wheels, and an increase in the max number of parts increased to 62.

Adjustments have been made to other game modes as well. In general, the points awarded for destroying or assisting in destructions have been changed. Edits have been made to “Hit and run!” along with several other modes. Tweaks have been made throughout the entire game; for a full list of changes, make sure to check out the patch notes on Crossout’s main website.

Crossout is a game set in a post-apocalyptic world. It is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, allowing players to customize and build armored vehicles that they use to engage in PvP and PvE battles.

Players have thousands of possibilities when it comes to designing their vehicles. Each driver has control over the shape, armor, weapons, support system, and cosmetic enhancements of their ride.

The game is free to play on all platforms. For more information, make sure to look into the game’s main website. The developers have tons of content available to both advertise and educate about their post-apocalyptic title.