World Health Organization Encourages #PlayApartTogether, Practicing Social Distancing Through Video Games

World Health Organization Encourages #PlayApartTogether, Practicing Social Distancing Through Video Games
Credit: PlayOverwatch

The year 2020 was greeted by a worldwide disease, coronavirus, or officially called the COVID-19. Countries are hustling citizens to practice social distancing and to stay at home to decrease the spread of the virus. Caught in the middle of the pandemic crisis is the World Health Organization (WHO).

Ironically, the said organization is calling upon the gaming industries to motivate more people to stay entertained at home. With their hashtag, #PlayApartTogether, industry leaders are supporting WHO in these dire times.

Blizzard Entertainment tweets, “Though we aren’t physically together, we’re still united. We love our communities and want you all to be as safe as possible – follow the recommendations of the @WHO, practice physical distancing, take care of yourselves and each other, and #PlayApartTogether.”

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, also states that it is critical for everyone to stay at home while being connected. Kotick then highlights that games are the “perfect platform because they connect people through the lens of joy, purpose, and meaning.”

Recently, the said gaming company released 100% experience buff in World of Warcraft, a new hero for Overwatch, and a yearly reset and expansion for Hearthstone.

Riot Games, developers of League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra, join the valiant effort as well. In the company’s tweet, they acknowledge WHO and #PlayApartTogether to help flatten the curve of coronavirus. Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, tweets motivation to power through the pandemic.

Physical distancing shouldn’t mean social isolation! Let’s stay physically apart to help flatten the curve and #PlayApartTogether to help power through this crisis. We can save the world, for real this time! Let’s beat this COVID-19 boss battle together

Fans of their respective titles are supporting the message and helping the fight against the crisis. A fan finds humor saying, “So what I’m hearing is camp and stay 6ft apart from your opponents.” Another calls out the positivity at hand, “Call of Duty for a good cause!”

A Blizzard fan salutes a different kind of soldiers during this terrible time, “Thank you to your teams for keeping the servers up and best to the staff and their family. #staysafe.”

The World Health Organization’s push for video games comes in a tremendous surprise. The organization has continuously pressured the recognition of “gaming disorder” as a mental health problem. WHO’s journal also questioned the gaming industry’s plethora of loot boxes, virtual armors, and weapons, eSports, and even streaming.