The Steel Championship Content Update Has Come To Crossout Adding In New Post Apocalyptic Content And A New PvP Map

The Steel Championship Content Update Has Come To Crossout Adding In New Post Apocalyptic Content And A New PvP Map
Credit: Targem Games via Youtube

Gaijin Entertainment has released their 0.11.50 update titled “Steel Championship.” This update is adding extra content to the popular post-apocalyptic vehicle based online action game Crossout. Players can get involved in new armored car combat and win some new and relevant prizes as well as experience a brand new PvP map.

This content adds on to the massive options already built into the MMO experience. Players can customize their car with new items along with blasting their enemies with brand new weapons. There are tons of different things hidden within the content update that veterans and new friends will all enjoy.

Crossout has begun its football season. Here, wasteland warriors get to bring their machines of war into a giant field where they must move a giant ball around an arena in an attempt to score goals. Instead of guns, players wield harpoons that are used to push and pull the ball and other players in unexpected directions.

This is a good way for players to take a break from the combat action of the core game. Take a more laid back approach with a casual game of ball with players who, on any other day, would blast your car to bits.

The matches in this mode all happen in a 3v3 format. Accumulate rating points and gain promotions as you rise higher through the league. Although this game is not a massive deal in the eSports scene, the game mode offers some potential that will interest fans in a more casual competitive experience.

There are several rewards for getting involved in the new update. New thematic cosmetics are available including a Referee Whistle. Players wanting additional rewards can purchase the Third time premium pack. This pack includes a unique armored vehicle along with extra rewards.

The Steel championship event will run in-game from now until July 22. Players interested in making a mark on the Crossout leaderboard should consider giving the game a shot.

On a more competitive note, a new PvP map is available for fans to battle on. Enter Ravagers Foothold where you can find three massive bottomless shafts. These shafts act as giant cooling systems to what could be a massive particle collider.

There is tons of extra content slipped into the background of this update. For more information be sure to check out the official Crossout website.

Crossout is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC for free. The game is a massive MMO experience that offers deadly armored vehicle combat along with open PvP and PvE battles. Design your own vehicle and take part in the action-based experience.