Bandai Namco Announces Official North America Release Date of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

Bandai Namco Announces Official North America Release Date of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows
Credit: Bandai Namco via YouTube

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is an upcoming game from Bandai Namco. The game allows players to become some of their favorite heroes from the One Punch Man series.

The game will first be launched in Japan on February 27, 2020, on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

A new trailer showcases new characters added to the roster, including a variation of Saitama called “Dream Version Saitama.” Saitama, the main protagonist of the series, is wearing his pajamas instead of his usual yellow tights, red gloves, and white cape.

The preorder pack includes early access to Saitama’s alternate dream form, plus a Jersey and Black Suit outfit. There are also Saitama face parts to create a unique avatar.

The trailer also showcases characters Metal Knight, Stinger, and Melzargard, who will all be playable.

Metal Knight is an S-Class Rank 6 hero who has an interest in technology. After battles, he sends his robots out to collect reusable materials to research. His brains may be bigger than his physical strength, but he’s still incredibly powerful on the battlefield.

Stinger is an A-Class Rank 10 hero who pays careful attention to his popularity and rank. He always thinks that monsters are more powerful than they are, but also overestimates his own strength, believing he can take on the fiercest foes.

Melzargard is not a hero but an antagonist. He made his appearance during the “Alien Conquerors” Arc. Melzargard has a terrifying appearance, but several powers that fans are sure to enjoy.

Pajama-clad Saitama loses his signature battle-ending, “one punch.” In this particular playable version, Saitama is an average guy. This version can be compared to Saitama before he started his rigorous training regimen.

The game features 3 vs. 3 battles so that players can craft their dream teams. The first confirmed playable characters included Genos, “Hellish Blizzard” Fubuki, Mumen Rider, Speed-o’-Sonic Sonic, Carnage Kabuto, and Mosquito Girl.

The game is already available for preorder. The North American and Europe editions will only feature the standard version with the base game. In Japan, a Deluxe Edition is featuring additional content is being sold, but it does not appear that Bandai Namco is offering it worldwide.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows launches in North America one day after the Japanese release on February 28, 2020.