Elder Scrolls Online Suspends Weekend Events To Implement Fixes On Activity Finder

Elder Scrolls Online Suspends Weekend Events To Implement Fixes On Activity Finder
Credit: Elder Scrolls Online Official Website

The Elder Scrolls Online was set to launch the Undaunted Celebration last week. Unfortunately, shortly after launch, it had to be shut down. The event depended on the group or activity finder so that gamers could team up in groups of four for exclusive rewards.

Hours later, the event was discontinued on all servers. This includes supporting features, like the Impresario, who handed out event tickets. These tickets were used to trade-in in multiples of ten or more for unique items.

The ESO team released an announcement stating that the event ended prematurely. Gamers hoped the issues with the activity finder would be resolved shortly.

The next day, the ESO team had a new update, but it wasn’t good news. Community Manager Gina Bruno stated that there would be no further events this weekend while the activity finder was being fixed.

The official statement reads: “When we dug into why the issues began yesterday, we uncovered a new problem where certain groups queuing with the Activity Finder were causing significant database load issues. The fixes we’re working on will better distribute the load and impact on the database, and they are currently with QA for testing. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we troubleshoot these issues, and completely understand how disruptive it’s been for you. Once we receive the testing results from QA, we’ll give everyone another update of our plans on Monday.”

The update comes after gamers have long complained about the issues with ESO’s group finder function.

ESO has since implemented a performance improvement plan, with different updates launching throughout the year. The Q4 2019 Update 24 included a complete rewrite of the Looking for Group system on both PC and consoles.

The overview of the plan did not include future fixes of the activity finder. While it was fixed for many, many commented on social media that their experience has been even worse. Some gamers can rely on their guilds to find three other friends to tackle a dungeon. Since ESO is solo-friendly, others must rely on the group finder to take on more difficult dungeons.

The community message states that the cancellation of events is limited to this weekend. Still, it’s unknown if the news announcement Monday will reveal the issues were resolved or, worse, the cancelation of more Winter events.