Parent And Child Zombie Apocalypse Game Undying Will Also Launch On Mobile In 2021

Parent And Child Zombie Apocalypse Game Undying Will Also Launch On Mobile In 2021
Credit: Undying via Steam

Skystone Games and Vanimals have announced their zombie apocalypse game Undying will also see a mobile release next year. The game was previously announced for release on Nintendo Switch plus PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The mobile release of the game will be later in the year following the PC and console release.

In addition to the mobile announcements was an invitation for the next round of Alpha testing. The next stage of testing will be for the PC version of the game. Those interested simply have to fill out a short Google Form and submit their information. Anyone who is invited will receive a Steam code via email.

There is no NDA for the game, so everyone is invited to participate. Those who do choose to participate will be asked to give feedback about the game and record any bugs or other issues. These will be resolved before the game is released next year.

Undying is different from other zombie apocalypse games, as it focuses more on a dying mother and her son. Anling, a young mother, and her son Cody are trying their best to survive. Unfortunately, Anling has suffered a zombie bite and will turn within the next few days.

Before Anling has to say goodbye forever to her son, she is determined to teach him how to survive on his own. Angling has to protect him while she can but also look for safety and teach him valuable skills, like cooking.

In some of the game previews, Anling is seen using an ax and Cody is wielding a son, so players aren’t forced to rely only on running and hiding. As Anling teaches her son how to survive, players will watch his growth as the game grows.

The gameplay features a top-down view and a realtime day and night cycle. The world map itself is player-generated with dozens of interactive NPCs.

Vanimals founder Kun Wang commented about the game, stating:

Undying is a game we want to share with as many people as possible. And these days, we believe that there are just as many gaming fans on mobile platforms as there are on consoles and PC, especially across the globe. We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ll be bringing the tale of Anling and Cody to mobile devices next year.

Those who want to follow the development of he game can join the official Discord server. This will also be one of the first places that Alpha testing announcements will be made for those who miss out.

Undying launches on PC via Steam, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, Nintendo Switch, and now iOS and Android in 2021.