AMD CPU’s Overclocking Tool Has Been Updated To Include New Support Features For The Ryzen CCX Overclocking

AMD CPU’s Overclocking Tool Has Been Updated To Include New Support Features For The Ryzen CCX Overclocking
Credit: AMD via YouTube

AMD Ryzen CPUs call its overclocking utility as “Work Tool,” and this has been upgraded with new supporting features to enable CCX overclocking. This newly modified component will allow an additional overclocking function if a CCX has a better performance capacity than the other. In such cases, the computer’s CPU will not be required to run at a slower speed to gain a more stable CCX. This tool was released by a renowned overclocker using the codename, shamino1978.

One explanation for overclocking a Ryzen CPU per CCX is because of the need to overclock a single core within the CCX. There must be 1GHz variance from the second core which means if a core has a 4.5GHz OC, a max approximate of 3.5GHz must be achieved by the second core. This problem often occurs within the internal clock divider of the CPU, the reason why it has to be adjusted.

Gaining an additional performance from the CCX component of a computer requires the use of the Work Tool. Individual CCX overclocking can be performed to achieve a better system speed and uncompromised power efficiency.

The overclocking tool released by shamino1978 can perform individual Core Complex (CCX) overclocking instead of the whole CPU. The Ryzen Threadripper CPU, for example, is composed of two processors. Each of Ryzens 8-core processor, regardless if they are working simultaneously or not, is divided into two groups consisting of four cores. These groups are technically called the Core Complexes or the CCX.

CCX overclocking is one proper way of gaining a little more performance from the AMD processor. Though the Ryzen 3000-Series are clocked at its maximum levels, the previous generations of Ryzen including the 1000 and the following 2000 CPU were not. Individually overclocking these systems will not only improve performance but also tweak the weakest performing core, so it runs at maximum level. Theoretically speaking, by separating the most vulnerable performing core to a single CCX overclocks the CPUs another half to perform better.

CPU overclocking is one of the safest and most reliable ways of increasing CPUs multiplier. It is also essential to understand that the higher a system is clocked, the higher the voltage required by the CPU, producing more heat. Heat shortens the lifespan of the processor chip. Overclocking a CPU has its inherent benefits including making the CPU run at higher speeds and potentially making the CPU last longer before it requires an upgrade.