All The Games Coming To Microsoft’s Xbox One Next Week, September 24, FIFA 20, Code Vein, Contra: Rogue Corps

All The Games Coming To Microsoft’s Xbox One Next Week, September 24, FIFA 20, Code Vein, Contra: Rogue Corps
Credit: Xbox

Microsoft has revealed all the games that will be coming to Xbox One starting next week, September 24, to September 27. A total of 11 games will be released including FIFA 20, Contra: Rogue Corps, The Surge 2, among others.

September 24
On Tuesday, two titles will be made available on Xbox One Enhanced. These are The Surge 2 and Contra: Rogue Corps.

Developed by Konami, Contra: Rogue Corps is a modernized version of the run and gun classic, Contra. The Japanese developer is on a quest to reclaim the lost glory.

On the other hand, The Surge 2 is the new Deck13 Interactive role-playing action game now set in the city. Remember, The Surge original was set in a factory. Yesterday, the publisher teased fans with a trailer, showcasing the dark world.

September 25
On Wednesday also, only two games will be ushered into Xbox One. These are Constructor Plus and Rex Rocket.

In Constructor Plus, start from the bottom as a ‘minor-league housing crook,’ wheel, deal and thieve your way to the top.

As for Rex Rocket, this is a reserve for the old-school gamers. It is a 2D platformer featuring classic 8-bit gameplay.

September 26
Rage 2: Rise of the Ghosts will be the only game releasing on Xbox One on Thursday.

Rise of the Ghosts is the first expansion of Rage 2 which has been previously criticized for shallow content. In the new expansion, a new threat is coming, and the earlier you face it, the better. Explore the Overgrown City and fight the new enemy, Ghosts.

September 27
Friday will be the busiest, but the most exciting day of the week as EA Sports unleash FIFA 20.

In this year’s edition of the soccer simulator franchise, expect a whole new level of realism. FIFA 20 will also feature a new street football game mode, dubbed ‘Volta.’

Other titles dropping on Friday include Fight’N Rage, Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football, Mining Rail 2, Code Vein, and lastly, The Adventures of Elena Temple.

Already, the games coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation have been announced. Some of the titles coming to Switch include Dead by Daylight, Oliver’s Adventures in the Fairyland, Contra: Rogue Corps, among others. As for PlayStation, FIFA 20 is coming, alongside The Surge 2, Contra: Rogue Corps, and Code Vein just to mention a few.

As a reminder, you have a few days remaining to download and play the September PlayStation Plus free games – Batman Arkham Knight and Darksiders. The two will be available up to September 30.