All The Games Coming To Sony’s PlayStation Next Week, September 24, FIFA 20, Contra: Rogue Corps, Code Vein

All The Games Coming To Sony’s PlayStation Next Week, September 24, FIFA 20, Contra: Rogue Corps, Code Vein
Credit: GetWallPapers

As we brace for yet another exciting week, Sony has confirmed all the games that will be coming to their PS4 and PS Vita platforms. Unfortunately, no games are coming to the PS VR platform.

It won’t be a hectic week with only eight games set for release. But it will undoubtedly be a fantastic week with one of the year’s biggest title, FIFA 20 coming on Friday.

The games will start dropping on September 24 to September 27 though no games are scheduled for release on Thursday.

September 24
Tuesday will be quite a busy day next week with more than half of the total games for next week dropping on the same day.

Color Slayer PS4, PS Vita
Developed and published by The Domaginarium, Color Slayer is a color-based arcade game where you run forward while slashing enemies. You should also push your reflexes to the limit to avoid the shielded enemies who can’t be cut with either sword.

Contra: Rogue Corps PS4
Developers, Konami and Toylogic, have modernized the classic Contra in the upcoming Contra: Rogue Corps. This is a run and gun action game that features intense battles, gigantic bosses, customizable gear and explosive multiplayer gameplay.

Dreaming Canvas PS4
Developed by Playstige Interactive, Dreaming Canvas is an adventure game where you are free to explore the destination of your choice. During your expedition, you will encounter other travelers, meet some inspirational quotes from famous painters, and locate canvasses along the way.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast
This is the latest entry to the Star Wars: Jedi Knight Series and is playable from the first or third perspectives.­­ It revolves around melee and ranged combat and features Star Wars classic weapons like lightsabers and blasters.

The Surge 2 PS4 — Digital, Retail
Developed by Deck13 Interactive, The Surge 2 is a role-playing action game. Unlike the predecessor, The Surge, set in a large factory, the sequel is set in an expansive and more vertical city. Customize your appearance, gender, set your avatar, and get ready for some action.

September 25
Only one game is set for release on Wednesday.

Habroxia PS4
This is an arcade-style scrolling shooter game developed by Lillymo Games. In Habroxia, you are tasked with piloting your ship through extra-terrestrial incursions. The game features 3 Endless Side Modes, 15 campaign levels, s distinct firing patterns and over 50 different enemies just to mention a few.

September 27
And finally, the big day, Friday. Two titles will be unveiled.

The 27th installment in the FIFA Series franchise promises realistic gameplay courtesy of AI, and Frostbite. EA Sports has already released the demo and fans are liking it. This year’s edition will also have Volta, a street football mode.

Code Vein PS4
Last is Code Vein, Bandai Namco Entertainment’s action role-playing game. This is a horror game set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian environment, with a blood-drinking vampire theme and supernatural abilities.

There you have it folks – all the games coming to Playstation next week, September 24. In case you missed it, Darksiders 3 and Batman Arkham Knight are the two PlayStation Plus free games for September, and you have slightly over a week to play them.