Afreeca Freecs Set A New Record For Fastest League Champions Korea Game Against SeolHaeOne Prince

Afreeca Freecs Set A New Record For Fastest League Champions Korea Game Against SeolHaeOne Prince
Credit: Afreeca Freecs via Twitter

Afreeca Freecs easily dispatched of the struggling SeolHaeOne Prince team in a clean sweep. And Afreeca Freecs also set a new league record in this one-sided LCK series.

AF broke down the enemy Nexus in 16 minutes and 54 seconds, the fastest single game time in an LCK game, according to Korizon’s Ashley Kang. The game also ranks among the top 50 fastest League of Legends games in any professional league around the world.

The Korean region is famous for its slow-paced style of gameplay. In fact, the average game time this split is 32 minutes, the longest of any of the major regions. But AF smashed that trend, easily beating SeolHaeOne Prince in under 17 minutes.

SeolHaeOne Prince simply seemed to be outclassed in this match. Mickey, SP’s mid laner and veteran LEC player, appeared to be lost in lane. He farmed poorly and often idly wandered into ganks.

Mickey wasn’t the only player who struggled, though. The entire team of SP looked vacant and caster Nick “LS” De Cesare even said on the broadcast that the team “doesn’t look like they care.”

Before 10 minutes, AF had a fed Kalista, were nearly 9,000 gold ahead of their opponents, and had almost pushed their way to the mid lane inhibitor. One clean teamfight later, AF had the Rift Herald dancing on the graves of their enemies.

This was an important win for AF, who are now 6-5 in the 2020 LCK Summer Split. SP, on the other hand, fall to 1-10 on the split.

Afreeca Freecs come off strong this split after losing last split to APK, the ninth-place team in the LCK Spring Split standings, Afreeca Freecs seemed to struggle for some odd reasons.

During the first game, they picked snowballing champions but were unable to execute the tactic properly and finish the game early on. As a result, APK picked safe tanks and dragged the match out until late game where Afreeca Freecs had no chance of winning fights. When the game got to Ocean Dragon Soul point in favor of APK, Afreeca Freecs tried to pull off one last heroic play but failed miserably and lost the game.

Afreeca Freecs adjusted their draft in the second game and picked a more balanced composition with a better frontline and mid to late game scaling. While, in theory, they should’ve easily won due to their better individual performances, APK’s jungler denied them that dream. He played an extremely aggressive Trundle, constantly invading Afreeca Freecs’ jungle and ganking their lanes.

The game continued to be a blood bath, reaching over one kill per minute of game time with both teams trading objectives left and right. Afreeca Freecs’ chance of winning slowly dwindled as they fell behind in gold. After a bad fight around Baron, all players on Afreeca Freecs outside of Ornn died and they lost the game.

In the Summer Split they got revenge and destroyed the APK (now SP) squad.