Damwon Gaming Dominated Sandbox Gaming In Week 6 Of League Champions Korea Summer Split 2020

Damwon Gaming Dominated Sandbox Gaming In Week 6 Of League Champions Korea Summer Split 2020
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Damwon Gaming secured another win in the 2020 LCK Summer Split by taking down Sandbox Gaming 2-0.

Led by Nuguri and Showmaker in the solo lanes, Damwon dismantled SB in both games. Canyon and Nuguri secured the MVP awards after dominant performances on Nidalee (11/1/3) and Kennen (5/0/5), respectively.


The first game was an absolute slaughter. DWG’s Canyon took over the game on Nidalee. He was invading, roaming, assisting his allies, and doing everything you’d want from a jungler. His performance was rewarded toward the end with the first pentakill by a jungler in LCK play.

SB tried to withstand the pressure from DWG’s aggression but every lane lost to the superior mechanical plays from DWG. Their only saving grace was FATE in the mid lane on Zoe, but he didn’t get far enough ahead to be able to put a stop to DWG’s dominance.

After securing all of the neutral objectives aside from one Ocean Drake and denying SB from taking a single turret, DWG closed out the game in dominant fashion.

Canyon used the power of Nidalee to dominate the first game of the series between Damwon and Sandbox Gaming. He finished the game with an 11/1/3 scoreline and secured the pentakill with some help from his teammates.

Nidalee has recently seen a resurgence in competitive play due to the buffs she received in League of Legends Patch 10.10.

Canyon may have been overlooked in previous splits due to Damwon’s poor performances. But this season, he’s shined and been a crucial part of DWG’s dominance in the Summer Split.

In the second game, SB adjusted their draft and instantly took Nidalee out after Canyon’s performance on the champ in the first game. They picked three of the same champions from the first game, though, in Wukong, Lee Sin, and Nautilus—and the result was predictable.

DWG were prepared for these picks and had a counter in every lane, putting a stop to SB’s plan. DWG’s Pantheon support pick crushed SB’s hopes of equalizing the series. Pantheon’s roams to every lane were more than enough to stomp DWG’s opposition and secure a clear path to the 2-0 victory.

Ironically, Canyon’s jungle opponent in this series, OnFleek, secured a pentakill against T1 at the KeSPA Cup in January. But Canyon’s pentakill today was the first one to come in LCK play, according to the league.

With this win, Damwon improve to 9-2 in the LCK Summer Split, while Sandbox drop to 4-7.