Aphromoo Became First League Championship Series Player To Reach 3,000 Assists In Regular Season

Aphromoo Became First League Championship Series Player To Reach 3,000 Assists In Regular Season
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Dignitas support Aphromoo reached a new feat in his professional League of Legends career last weekend. He’s the first player to hit 3,000 regular season assists in North America’s LCS, according to data from League esports stats site Oracle’s Elixir.

Although he’s struggled over the past few splits, the veteran support has stepped up recently and is looking to become one of the best supports in NA once again.

Aphromoo started his professional career in 2011 as a bottom laner. Over a couple of months, he swapped between multiple teams before landing on CLG as a support.

He revitalized the role of a support, increasing his popularity with the well-known “support is so easy” clip where he explained what to do with Leona to win in lane.

Aphromoo and superstar ADC Doublelift became the Rush Hour duo of League, destroying many opponents in their prime on CLG. After Doublelift’s departure from CLG in 2015, Aphromoo remained on the team to play with Stixxay. But in December 2017, Aphromoo joined 100 Thieves, who just entered the League scene at that time.

100 Thieves stomped their opposition in the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split, finishing the regular season in first place. Aphromoo was also named the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split MVP. But 100T were swept by Team Liquid in the finals of the spring playoffs.

The Summer Split went much worse for 100T, but they had enough points to qualify for Worlds. They failed to get out of the group stage, however. Aphromoo has looked lackluster since then. Over the past couple of weeks, though, something has seemingly changed and Aphromoo appears to be bouncing back after a few poor splits.

Dignitas went through offseason roster changes. They parted ways with support Olleh, who was crucial in their wins.

Olleh has been competing in the LCS since the 2017 Spring Split, when he signed with Immortals. After a one-season stint with IMT, he moved to Team Liquid, where he teamed with Doublelift en route to two consecutive split playoff titles but a top 12 finish at 2018 Worlds.

Olleh spent last season on Golden Guardians’ LCS roster, although he was demoted to the Academy League roster a month into the 2019 Summer Split. He similarly helped DIG Academy reach the semifinals of this year’s Academy League Spring Playoffs.

DIG missed the playoffs after losing to Golden Guardians in a sixth-place tiebreaker match. Dignitas played decently during the early stages of the season and found themselves in second place after two weeks. Their luck ran out past that point, however. Other teams started to build more synergy together and their firepower began to shine through.