Damwon Gaming Destroy Team Dynamics In League Champions Korea Summer Split 2020

Damwon Gaming Destroy Team Dynamics In League Champions Korea Summer Split 2020
Credit: Photo via Riot Games

Damwon Gaming moved into second place in the 2020 LCK Summer Split standings after easily dismantling an underwhelming Team Dynamics.

DWG’s Beryl and Canyon were particularly crucial in their team’s victory, earning a player of the game title each to add to their already impressive number of MVP points this season. Both League of Legends players are in the top three of the MVP standings for the split.


Coming into this series, DWG were heavily favored to take the match. But the first game was unexpectedly drawn out. It came down to some late-game teamfight dominance from DWG’s star players, like Canyon and Nuguri, to help pull them out of the stagnate muck that was the early game.

The second game was much different. DWG were clearly upset at the slogfest that they had just participated in and were adamant about ending this game much earlier.

The bottom laners for DWG built an advantage for the team this time. Beryl used a Wukong support pick to push his team’s aggressive tempo, finding two early kills and two assists in the opening few minutes of the game.

After securing the first tower off of the pressure created from those two kills, both Beryl and Canyon were afforded more room to roam and push for neutral adjectives elsewhere on the map. And Dynamics were never able to recover from this snowball. Their one sole bright spot was Rich, who secured a double kill in this match despite being in a heavily disadvantageous position.

DWG ended the game in 25 minutes. It was such a dominant performance that they even played with their food a little toward the end of the game. This likely could’ve been a sub-20 minute game.

The player of the second match was Beryl. He used to solely be a utility support player but has recently revitalized his career by playing unconventional picks like Wukong and Pantheon. This shift in style has also radically reformed Damwon as a team. With this new ethos, they finally look to be among the most dominant teams in the Korean region.

Damwon Gaming look very strong this split, they are looking for a redemption arc after poor performances last splits. While the current enemy is only DragonX for the top of the standings, Damwon will run into the T1 issues in the playoffs where T1 is notorious for coming back much stronger. Stay tuned for more LCK coverage in the next days.