Damwon’s Mid Laner ShowMaker Climbed To Challenger By Playing Every Champion Only Once

Damwon’s Mid Laner ShowMaker Climbed To Challenger By Playing Every Champion Only Once
Credit: Photo via Riot Games

During the long break between the Spring and Summer Splits this year, many League of Legends pros are finding entertaining ways to keep their solo queue practice as interesting as possible. Korean player ShowMaker from LCK team Damwon has challenged himself to climb the ranked leaderboard by using every champion just once.

ShowMaker started this journey with an unranked account that had Grandmaster MMR and began on his way to Challenger, which is around 650 LP at the 300th rank. Nearly all of his matches so far during this experiment have been played in either one of the solo lanes, which only makes this extreme showcase of versatility all the more impressive.

At the time of people noticing, ShowMaker has played 70 unique champions in 70 matches, winning 48 of them. He was just 100 LP shy of hitting Challenger. Luckily for him, he hasn’t even gone through half of the entire champion roster, so the goal of reaching Challenger was doable without a hassle.

Some of his statistical highlights from this experiment so far include games on Maokai, Karma, and Vayne. His three games with these champs resulted in his best K/D/A ratios. Surprisingly, one of his other best games came on Aphelios mid. He finished that game with one of his highest damage totals this season, despite being constantly bullied by the opposing mid laner and jungler because the bot lane champ has no mobility in his kit.

ShowMaker’s stats also show he had an 11/2/10 pop-off game on Lulu in the mid lane, which included three double kills and a triple kill. But somehow, he still lost. He probably went to sleep after that one.

You can catch some of ShowMaker’s journey to Challenger when he streams on Douyu.

Damwon Gaming had a poor start of the split during Spring, but they came back strong and managed to turn the situation around. Showmaker was a pivot to their success and his play last year was also worthy of MVP status. Damwon kept their roster last split and will most likely keep it going into Summer Split since they work well together, but need a good coach to allow them to show their strengths. After they lost coach Kim to T1, the lack of a MVP worthy coach could be seen, but they still managed to work it out. Hiring additional coaching staff might improve their performance going into the Summer Split.

Unless things change, Damwon Gaming will still be a middle-of-the pack team behind DragonX, Gen.G and T1.