A Free Pinball Game Is Currently Available On Itch.IO Called Mr. Flipper; Features A Moving Pinball Flipper

A Free Pinball Game Is Currently Available On Itch.IO Called Mr. Flipper; Features A Moving Pinball Flipper
Credit: Hunterverse via YouTube

There are a lot of great pinball games on the marketplace today. They have their own unique visuals and scoring systems, but you pretty much know what you’re getting. Then there’s Mr. Flipper. This game flips pinball on its head.

Instead of conventional controls, you get to play as a pinball flipper. It’s not stationary, either. You can move across the pinball stage with the main goal of hitting the pinball. Sounds simple enough, but there’s more to the gameplay. You’ll have to dodge all kinds of monsters, who want to stop your pursuits any way possible.

Oh, and there’s also lava and gravity to account for. As you can imagine, these unique features make Mr. Flipper a pretty interesting game to experience firsthand. Even the visuals look like something straight out of a Saturday cartoon. There are bright colors everywhere and the vibe is light-hearted.

To keep gameplay fresh, two modes have been added. The first one involves traditional pinball elements. The second is where you can take your flipper into motion and start chasing after the pinball. You’ll have to be wary of surrounding enemies and make sure you time your runs perfectly.

There is a bit of a trial and error process in the beginning when moving the flipper. After a while, you’ll get an idea of what tactics to implement. There are portions of the pinball table that are more difficult than others. Still, even when you fail, you want to keep playing. That’s always a mark of a great game.

It’s pretty clear that the developer Willem Rosenthal didn’t take the title too seriously when creating it. That’s where the charm kicks in, though. It’s like a game of pinball that you would imagine in a dream. The surreal elements leave a lasting impression.

Rosenthal deserves a lot of credit for creating such an addicting and fun-looking game. He even came up with the coding, artwork, and music. He deserves a pat on the back. Best of all, this pinball game is completely free. You don’t even need to download it. It can be played directly through your browser when you visit Itch.io. If you can’t get it running through your browser, you can always download the game free of charge.

Who knows how long this zany pinball game will be available for free? Now’s the time to check out its surreal aesthetics and addicting gameplay before it goes away.