When The Night Comes – The ReVamp Visual Novel Plans For February Launch With Steam Page Available Now

When The Night Comes – The ReVamp Visual Novel Plans For February Launch With Steam Page Available Now
Credit: When the Night Comes via Steam

Lunaris Games is preparing for the launch of its supernatural-themed visual novelWhen The Night Comes – The ReVamp. The game was initially released in 2018. The original version is still available through Lunaris Game’s itch.io page.

The game is a visual novel with multiple routes and at least 80 hours of gameplay. Players step into the role of a Hunter who’s goal is to hunt creatures. One day, the Hunter has been called to the quiet town of Lunaris to help the local Enforcers. They are investigating a series of supernatural murders.

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What lies in the town and surrounding region are witches, vampires, demons, lycans, and more. While investigating, the player discovers that the creatures may not be the real “enemies” after all. Players can choose to play the game and unravel the mysteries or complete one of the romance routes. No romance is required to complete the title.

For those interested in romance, there are six individual romance routes and two polyamorous romance routes with an LGBTQA+ cast. None of the romances are gender-restricted, and players can choose their own pronouns from the beginning of the game. Each romance contains three possible endings depending on the player’s choices.

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After each chapter, players will unlock CGs with various artwork. The chapters will change rapidly along the way since choices and decisions matter from the start. After the game is complete, players can unlock two additional post-game mini-stories.

The Steam page lists the romance candidates with images and their supernatural role in the story. Since the story is linear, players will follow through one romance route but still be able to interact with the other cast members.

When The Night Comes – The ReVamp is slightly different from the original release. The revamped title adds brand new illustrations and “so much more” according to the video teaser.

In visual novel fashion, the story is narrative-driven. There is no action, so players have to strategize and make important decisions. The game offers two decisions from players to choose from. The decisions made begin to make a big impact from the first chapter, so players have to choose carefully.

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The Steam page for When The Night Comes – The ReVamp is available now. Players can wishlist the game to be notified as soon as the game is available.

When The Night Comes – The ReVamp launches on PC via Steam and itch.io on February 26, 2021.