A Destiny 2 Player Ues 11 Google Stadia Accounts Together To Kill Bosses For The Community

A Destiny 2 Player Ues 11 Google Stadia Accounts Together To Kill Bosses For The Community
Credit: pcgamer

Lucky Lai, also known as Luckstruck9, streams Destiny 2 and simultaneously manages 11 Google Stadia accounts to distribute valuable boss checkpoints to Guardians in need.

He began issuing checkpoints in the LFG gaming community using his primary account, as Lai previously stated, but swiftly made a new account that could be downloaded to his laptop.

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I didn’t have the concept for Google Stadia till the cross-platform version was released. I considered how it would allow me to simultaneously open many accounts while saving me energy and other resources.
He clarifies.

Lai now has 11 Google Stadia accounts for Destiny 2 operating at once on a laptop without even a graphics card. Lai can maintain all 11 characters in the system indefinitely with the help of a few easy macros, and Destiny 2’s crossplay support assures that anyone can join these Stadia demi-bots as necessary to unlock checkpoints for themselves.

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Simply create an account, remove your activity, and go. Although Stadia only accounts for fewer than 1% of Destiny 2 players, this is still a practical workaround in the realm of cross-platform play.

Lai had to purchase expansions and season passes for each of her 11 Stadia accounts in order to access some of Destiny 2’s most well-liked late-game features, like the Witch Queen raid and the Season of Ghosts dungeon.

Of course, bought content isn’t shared between accounts. He was fortunately helped by the larger LFG community: “The community was generous enough that I didn’t have to buy DLC since I made my first five accounts,” he remarked.

Lai claims that his accounts have assisted more than 14,000 users in finding checkpoints in a single week, a practice known as “checkpoint farming,” which is growing in popularity. If a new dungeon or raid is released, you must complete it to access all of the treasure, but if you only need a few items, it is advisable to farm specific stages.