Call Of Duty: Warzone Now Has Duos According To Activision

Call Of Duty: Warzone Now Has Duos According To Activision
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Call of Duty: Warzone has been a massive achievement for Infinity Ward and Raven Software. In the short few months that it has been out, it has put up impressive streaming and activity numbers.

Sure, the fact that it is completely free to play certainly helps, but there’s more beneath the surface with this battle royale game. It’s very approachable.

Even if you have no prior experience with this particular gaming genre, you can join a match for the first time and actually have some success. And despite the game’s simplified nature, it still has a lot to offer from a progression standpoint.

Warzone recently just got even better thanks to the addition of a Duos mode. It has been a highly requested feature since launch. Ask and you shall receive.

Now players can team up with a buddy and go toe to toe with other comrades in epic fashion. Duos in any battle royale game is an important staple.

It requires a different set of skills compared to playing solo or with a large group of teammates. You have your friend’s back and they have yours. If you play your cards right, you can see a lot of success no matter how intense the combat action gets.

Activision made this Duos’ announcement official, which has gotten a lot of Warzone players excited about the two-player possibilities.

Instead of relying on a team, Duo mode players will have to endure more weight and pressure. You’ll have to cover more ground and be more strategic with how you approach each tactical situation.

A lot of coordination will also be involved in this new mode. If your communication is off with your partner even just slightly, that can be detrimental.

The added pressure should make Warzone matches all the more intense, though. It will also put your gaming relationships to the test. Can you utilize a special bond with a friend and work together as a small collective or will the added pressure be too much?

That’s what you can find out now in Warzone for absolutely nothing. Overall, this battle royale has done a great job at competing with the heavy-hitters, including PUBG and Fortnite.

They may have a longer history, but Warzone seems to be gaining traction every month. If Infinity Ward and Raven Software can continue making improvements and adding new modes, there’s no reason why this game can’t continue to thrive for many more years to come.