Call Of Duty: Warzone Hints At Upcoming Event For Tomorrow On Their Mobile App

Call Of Duty: Warzone Hints At Upcoming Event For Tomorrow On Their Mobile App
Credit: Activision

What to do when you’re the developer of the massively popular Call of Duty: Warzone? While many developers may be content at idly enjoying being the current flavor of the week, Infinity Ward seems far more content to consistently inject their battle-royale with new content, giving players a bit more to explore.

One of their more recent additions is the inclusion of bunkers within Verdansk which can be opened, all relatively similar to each other except for one: Bunker 11.

Bunker 11 takes a bit of work via easter eggs and some planning in order to open, which reveals a much larger space along with a nuclear warhead.

This is the apparent backdrop for the cryptic message that Infinity Ward sent to players that have the official Call of Duty application downloaded to their mobile devices, although cryptic is the operative word here; the location is apparently going to be confirmed tomorrow.

In the message, it states that while the time is unknown for when a specific meeting is taking place, the date is known: May 21.

The location has also yet to be confirmed, which lends to why many rumors are circling that it has something to do with Bunker 11, or at least the recently opened bunkers in general.

This is further supported by the specific date that bunkers could have been opened, which started on May 19.

Beyond these relatively minor snippets of information, however, your guess is frankly as pertinent and accurate as anyone else’s could be at this moment. Many are attempting to piece together aspects of the message, pointing to the time (which is 11:27 PM UTC) in some odd throwback to A Beautiful Mind, or perhaps Charlie in It’s Always Sunny.

The idea that you can actually be the first to know of upcoming events, while not precisely what the events are, by using the official Call of Duty mobile application has more than a few being a bit more eager to download it. By positioning the application as a way to actually break news, instead of other developers using a mobile application as a mediocre wiki, it seems like more than a few players are becoming eager to plug into Infinity Ward’s app.

Yet the actual gain here is in terms of traffic that Call of Duty: Warzone will likely enjoy by the developers continuing to plan and execute in-game events that bring fresh content for players to murder each other over, all in the name of fun. If nothing else, it’s better than asking players to purchase every match.