Bad Torch Luck Removed, Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End Hotfix Removing Controversial Luck Mechanic Is Already Live

Bad Torch Luck Removed, Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End Hotfix Removing Controversial Luck Mechanic Is Already Live
Credit: Re-Logic via YouTube

Terraria 1.4, Journey’s End, has already received a hotfix to address multiple problems in-game. This small patch handles some of the player critique surrounding the brand new luck mechanic and made other quality of life amendments.

The changes include bug fixes, performance updates and some changes to the core gameplay after a few days of the new update being live. One huge change is the removal of bad torch luck.

Bad torch luck was a part of the new luck mechanics. Certain torches will boost the drop rate of rare items and boost the spawn rate of rare NPCs. Before the hotfix, neutral torches also had a negative “bad luck” effect.

Players weren’t too happy with the changes, especially because they were not made totally clear to the playerbase. Even veteran players were confused about the new mechanic, let alone those who were coming to Terraria for the first time.

In this first hotfix, bad torch luck is removed. Neutral torches will no longer have a negative effect on spawn rates and RNG. This is a welcome change, and it clearly shows the developers are listening to player feedback.

Other changes include the reduction of owl hoots, and for anyone who might have had multiple owls spawn in their town, this comes as a relief. They’re cute, but make a lot of noise.

Prismatic Lacewings now have a significantly improved drop rate, Angry Dandelions will now drop Dayblooms and other changes to plants (such as Shiverbloom and Fireblossom) which make them easier to acquire.

The first art changes and revisions have also arrived, primarily the molten armor. There are expected further changes coming to the art over the coming months, as well as the inclusion of the winning set of Vanity Armor from the Vanity competition from earlier this year.

As well as gameplay updates and quality of life changes, there have been many bug fixes and performance issues addressed. This includes the frustrating death timer glitch and the somewhat useful multiple Queen Slime spawn glitch.

You can check out the rest of the hotfix changes on the official Terraria page, and check back regularly for further updates over the coming weeks.