A Creative Pokemon Fan Tries To Make A Miniature Image Of The Eerie Ghost/Fairy-Type Mimikyu

A Creative Pokemon Fan Tries To Make A Miniature Image Of The Eerie Ghost/Fairy-Type Mimikyu

A portrait of Mimikyu by a gifted Pokemon enthusiast, painted by hand on a tiny canvas, has received nearly universal praise. It’s no secret that the Pokemon universe is full of talented painters; many of them specialize in depicting the fully-evolved versions of the most well-known Legendary Pokemon. But as the tiny image demonstrates, Mimikyu does have its share of dedicated followers.

Mimikyu, a dual-type Ghost/Fairy Pokemon introduced along with the seventh generation, was created solely to ape Pikachu’s look. Mimikyu is one of the terrifying Ghost Pokemon because, according to many entries in the Pokedex, its solid form is fatal to anyone who beholds it.

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The fact that all much detail could be conveyed on such a tiny canvas is, as many other fans have noted, the most astounding part. Over 300 upvotes were given to a portrait of Mimikyu within half a day of its posting. All the feedback has been very positive, with some commenters suggesting that the artwork could pass for official products. While some fans have played up Mimikyu’s scary aspect, the painting portrays the Pokemon positively. Another fan has lately created artwork with a horror theme, depicting a Mimikyu in a more gruesome setting.

As seen above, some Pokemon enthusiasts paint their favorite characters in minute detail, while others aren’t afraid to go all out. A few months ago, another fan gained media attention for painting a Pokemon mural as a gift for their nephew.

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The enormous artwork covers two walls of a bedroom and features Alolan versions of Exeggutor and Dugtrio alongside the likes of Pikachu, Zubat, and Ditto in a rural setting. Whether young or old, Pokemon enthusiasts have proven adept at creating works of art that are worthy of being shared.

As long as the scary monster Mimikyu doesn’t appear in real life as an AI picture generator had envisaged, it seems to be gaining more and more fans.