Fans Show Pokémon Developer Overwhelming Support With Twitter Hashtag #ThankYouGameFreak

Fans Show Pokémon Developer Overwhelming Support With Twitter Hashtag #ThankYouGameFreak
Credit: Pokemon via YouTube

Pokémon Sword and Shield is scheduled to be released on the Nintendo Switch this November 15. While some fans are excited about the upcoming release, others are upset.

Leaks regarding the upcoming title are flooding the internet. Gamers aren’t staying silent when it comes to their thoughts about the title. What began as excitement over a new Pokémon title turned into anger.

Players are quick to show their negativity online, sending developer Game Freak lots of criticism. The negativity aimed at Game Freak has only amplified after leaks showed the National Dex wasn’t included. Inspired by the game’s UK setting, the controversy was dubbed “#Dexit.”

With social media making it so easy to show hate, other fans are using the platform to show love.

This weekend, the hashtag #ThankYouGameFreak began trending in an attempt to fight back against the overwhelming criticism. Users shared how the Pokémon game series changed their lives for the better.

Many shared how they appreciate how diverse the cast has become. Others were thankful at how many hours of fun they’ve had since the first game was first released. Photos, fan art, and video tributes began flooding the internet. While the series isn’t perfect, it has shown lots of improvements since its first release.

Love for the series started to overtake all of the negativity.

The outpouring of support came around the same time the Pokémon Company canceled a Sword and Shield event, stating only “operational reasons.” These reasons are not known but may be related to worries about more criticism at an event meant to celebrate the new game. There’s a lot of pressure on the developers to please every fan, but they can’t make everyone happy.

The hashtag was started by YouTuber MysticUmbreon, who specializes in Pokémon content. The anger rose to levels of some gamers threatening the lives of Game Freak developers.

MysticUmbreon wanted the developer to know that there are still fans around the world who are looking forward to the release of Sword and Shield. While some elements were removed from the game, there’s still plenty to look forward to.

Pokémon Sword and Shield contains features, including an in-depth character creator. There are also new legendary Pokémon and fun games to create bonds with your team. Fans can look forward to exploring the new region of Galar.