2K Shares New Screenshots For NBA 2K20, Teases Upcoming Player Ratings Reveal

2K Shares New Screenshots For NBA 2K20, Teases Upcoming Player Ratings Reveal
Credit: 2K Sports via YouTube

We’re less than two months away from the release of NBA 2K20, which will become available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 6. So, as you would expect, developer 2K Sports is ramping up their promotion for the game, as they’ve just shared a few brand new screenshots for the upcoming 2K20 game.

The very first screenshot is of LeBron James and his new Los Angeles Lakers teammate Anthony Davis. You can check it out below.

Next up is Jimmy Butler, who was just recently acquired by the Miami Heat.

Next is Kemba Walker, who just recently left the Charlotte Hornets to sign with the Boston Celtics.

Then there’s Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl Anthony-Towns.

And lastly, there’s Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard.

Of course, as you can probably tell from looking at the screenshots, 2K is teasing their upcoming player ratings reveal, which will happen on July 15 at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific.

The upcoming NBA 2K20 video game will have two editions: a Legend Edition, which will feature the recently retired Dwyane Wade on the cover, and a Standard Edition, which will feature the aforementioned Lakers forward/center Anthony Davis.

For players who prefer to purchase the game digitally, there will be a Digital Deluxe Edition, which will feature all of the following bonuses.

  • 35,000 Virtual Currency
  • 10,000 MyTeam Points
  • 10 MyCareer Skill Boosts
  • MyPlayer Clothing Capsule
  • 10 MyTeam League Packs (will be delivered once a week)
  • 10 MyTeam Heat Check Packs (will be delivered once a week after the NBA season begins)
  • 1 Sapphire MyTeam Cover Athlete Card

Of course, the prices for the different editions of NBA 2K20 vary. The Standard Edition of the game will be $59.99, the Digitial Deluxe Edition will be $79.99, and the Legend Edition will be $99.99.

As per usual with NBA 2K games, the upcoming 2K20 will feature a ton of microtransactions. Of course, as of this writing, there are no details on what will require virtual currency to buy, and what won’t.

In recent years, 2K has gotten heavily criticized due to the multitude of microtransactions in their annual basketball game. But, while they have made some changes regarding their microtransactions, the game still, for the most part, requires players to spend their real-life money in order to fairly compete with other players in 2K’s various multiplayer modes.

You should expect to see more big news regarding NBA 2K20 in the coming days, as the ratings for each player will be revealed next week. On top of that, 2K will probably release another gameplay trailer for their upcoming NBA title in the near future.