2K Reveals Soundtrack For NBA 2K20 Via Spotify, More Songs To Be Added Later

2K Reveals Soundtrack For NBA 2K20 Via Spotify, More Songs To Be Added Later
Credit: 2K Sports via YouTube

With NBA 2K20 being scheduled to release in early-September, longtime developer of the most popular NBA title 2K Sports is beginning to share details regarding their upcoming release, the latest of which came via Spotify.

On Saturday, 2K revealed the soundtrack for NBA 2K20 via a Spotify playlist, and as of right now, it features nearly 50 songs from artists such as Drake, Travis Scott, Cousin Stizz, Post Malone, Nipsey Hussle, Meek Mill, Ariana Grande, and XXXTentacion.

It’s also been revealed that, for the first time, 2K will add new songs to NBA 2K20 as the season progresses, which will be a welcomed addition, as players often get sick of hearing the same songs over and over again for an entire year. On top of that, undiscovered musical artists will be given the chance to submit their songs for the game’s soundtrack.

As of right now, it’s unclear what 2K will reveal next about their upcoming annual NBA game. Most of the game’s community is hopeful that the upcoming game will be a breath of fresh air, as the annual title has been largely the same for several years now.

Players are also hopeful that the game’s microtransactions will be revamped, or removed entirely. Of course, the latter is wishful thinking, as the developer has been able to cash-in thanks to their microtransactions thanks to the fact that they’re almost necessary if you’re someone who enjoys the MyCareer mode.

In recent years, 2K has made a few changes to their microtransaction system, but none of them have been significant. It’ll be interesting to see how the developer handles their virtual currency system going forward, as their way of doing things has been heavily criticized by their most hardcore and devoted fans.

Unfortunately, EA Sports’ NBA Live series is no longer a serious competitor, so basketball fans are almost forced to settle on buying the annual 2K game if they want to play anything NBA-related. Perhaps if there was more competition, 2K would make some changes regarding their microtransactions.

So far, the only things that have been revealed regarding NBA 2K20 are its soundtrack, the cover athlete which is Anthony Davis, the player ratings, and the fact that the WNBA will be featured in this year’s game.

NBA 2K20 is currently scheduled to be released in less than two months, as it’ll become available on September 6 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also have three different editions: a Standard Edtion, a Digital Deluxe Edition, and a Legend Edition with former Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade on the cover.