YouTuber Seeks To Find Out If You Can Dunk A Basketball In Spider-Man On PS4

YouTuber Seeks To Find Out If You Can Dunk A Basketball In Spider-Man On PS4
Credit: Reetae27 Via YouTube

You can do a lot in Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. You fight classic villains, foil crime, disarm explosives, unlock costumes, and so much more throughout the open-world classic.

But, can you dunk a basketball?

We’re starting to ask the real questions here.

One YouTuber had a burning desire to know whether or not this feat was possible, and he spent hours of his time trying over and over again in every conceivable way to determine if Spidey can indeed get his Air Jordan on and take the rock up to the hoop.

YouTuber Reetae27 decided that it was his mission to figure out if Spider-Man can sink a basket, and in his 13 and a half minute video, he tries to do it… a lot.

The Spider-Man games does an amazing job at recreating New York City. As such, there are several basketball courts littered throughout the sprawling metropolis that is the Big Apple. On these courts, there are several basketballs, which Spider-Man can grab with his webbing and throw.

Reetae decided to try this out while aiming at the basketball hoop to see if the developers had hidden some secret functionality in there.

They didn’t.

But he kept trying over and over again. He tested the physics behind the game’s basketballs, doing everything from kicking them down the street to flinging them through the air at various angles.

He first realized that throwing the ball too hard causes it to bounce off the backboard and away. He then realized that it was possible to fling the ball down and in, but you won’t be able to see it actually go through.

He actually didn’t discover that he made the shot until a week after it occurred.

Because of that, he clearly felt that this victory didn’t count, and began trying out different methods, eventually standing on the back on the hoop and trying to ricochet the ball off the top of the backboard.

He comes so close at one point, with the ball perfectly hitting the basket, only to immediately freeze, glitch, and disappear.

“At home you may be wondering what the point of all this was,” he said toward the end of his video, “why I randomly dedicated (this video) to learn if you could do something in this game that was clearly never set for the players. And the answer is, why not? Sometimes it’s fun to test the limits of a video game. Sometimes it’s fun to have fun and not play the game as intended.”