Spider-Man Sequel On PlayStation 5 Might Feature Venom, Mysterio, Black Suit Spidey, And Much More

Spider-Man Sequel On PlayStation 5 Might Feature Venom, Mysterio, Black Suit Spidey, And Much More
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

Spider-Man was one of the most popular exclusives to come out for the PlayStation 4. Of course, when a game is that popular, people inevitably start asking questions about a sequel.

A new batch of rumors recently surfaced on Reddit that have the gaming world sitting up at attention. The supposed leak talks in detail about Insomniac’s plans for the new game and point to a holiday 2021 release window on the PlayStation 5. The post has since been deleted by the original user.

In the post, the Reddit user describes a number of cut scenes from the game, including a video chat between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, where they talk about what is going on in the game’s world. Apparently, Peter is once more a photographer for the Daily Bugle, where J. Jonah Jameson has reclaimed his former role as the paper’s editor-in-chief.

We will be seeing both Jameson and Eddie Brock in person. On top of that, the Venom symbiote will play a major role in the game, as was hinted in the post-credit scene from the first game.

The post goes on to say that Spider-Man has a confrontation with Harry Osborn, who is the current host of the Venom Symbiote in this universe. However, upon seeing Peter and his power, the suit abandons Harry and bonds with Spider-Man, creating the classic black suit from the comics.

The Venom suit will work a lot like it did in Spider-Man Web of Shadows, where the player can toggle the suit on and off. What’s more, much like the previous game, this sequel would feature multiple Spidey suits, all of which will have a symbiote alternative.

Also in the vein of Web of Shadows, the player will be able to make choices that will impact the narrative at specific junctures.

It was revealed that the player would fight Mysterio at some point in the game at the Statue of Liberty. Other side missions involve Daredevil and even a race minigame with Human Torch from the Fantastic 4.

If these rumors are to be believed, players will also be able to take control of Miles Morales as Spider-Man in this game, complete with a variety of suits that he can choose from. The post described a fight scene where Spider-Man and Miles are taking on a group of villains together, and the player can switch from one Spider-Man to the other, similar to a mechanic used in Batman Arkham Knight.

Of course, these reveals are purely speculation and should be treated as rumors until Insomniac or Sony makes an official announcement.