Is BioWare Working On A Fifth Mass Effect Game? When Will It Be Released?

Is BioWare Working On A Fifth Mass Effect Game? When Will It Be Released?
Credit: BioWare Via YouTube

BioWare might be taking to the stars once more. Rumors are flying that the EA-owned developer could be in the early stages of creating a fifth installment of one of its most popular franchises, Mass Effect.

According to the rumor, a fifth Mass Effect is being developed under the direction of Mike Gable and is still in the very early stages of development.

Sources indicate that, while this game will be a priority for BioWare, it would not be coming out until Dragon Age 4 has already been released. While that game has received a teaser trailer, we don’t know much about the release window or any particulars regarding its release, save for the fact that it will focus on the Elven Dread Wolf.

The new Mass Effect game is supposedly being developed in the BioWare Edmonton studio. It is currently unknown if it would be a continuation of the Mass Effect Andromeda series or something completely new.

The Andromeda experiment seems to have been a major bust for BioWare, with the game’s planned sequels and DLC being taken off of BioWare’s to-do list.

The failure of Andromeda was a huge disappointment, because the game had some stellar mechanics and a great story. The problem was that BioWare seemed to rush the game out and it featured unfinished animation and horrifying game breaking glitches.

BioWare attempted to fix these problems with patch after patch, but to this day, Mass Effect Andromeda still feels like an incomplete game.

All of the dangling plot threads and characters that players came to know during Andromeda could be seeing a comeback in the new Mass Effect, but it seems unlikely. However, it is equally unlikely that we would return to the characters of the original Mass Effect Trilogy.

The much panned ending of Mass Effect 3 involved three different choices. Each one changed the galaxy in a variety of ways. The beauty of Mass Effect is that there is no canon option, which means that any continuation of the series in the Milky Way galaxy would have to include options that pick up from the Control, Destroy, and Synthesis ending options from Mass Effect 3.

The other choice could be some kind of prequel. The rise of humanity in the galaxy and the First Contact War are historical moments that players are familiar with. The only issue with setting a game in that time period is that your choices can’t have sweeping galactic consequences, since the galaxy already had a status quo prior to Mass Effect 1.