Xiaomi Might Join The High Refresh Rate Race With Its Upcoming 120Hz Display Phone

Xiaomi Might Join The High Refresh Rate Race With Its Upcoming 120Hz Display Phone
Credit: Gadget View via YouTube

The feature of having a high refresh rate display on mobile devices has been exceedingly popular recently, especially amongst smartphone manufacturers. Smartphones with a high refresh rate is an excellent feature, particularly for mobile gaming devices.

In 2019 alone, nine brand new smartphones have been launched with a refresh rate of higher than 60Hz, with another three that are expected to hit the market soon.

Chinese mobile phone brand, Xiaomi, which is well-known for its range of budget mobile devices, is entering this race of creating phone panels with a high refresh rate. The famous Chinese phone maker plans to build its first-ever high refresh rate smartphone that is rumored to have up to 120Hz refresh rate display.

Nevertheless, the company is not the first phone manufacturer that produces a smartphone with a 120Hz display rate globally. Razer, a computer gaming company, was the first to sell such smartphones worldwide back in 2017, and the company released a subsequent version of the phone in 2018. Since then, the two giant tech companies, ASUS and Sharp, have launched several smartphones featuring 120Hz refresh rate panels.

A reliable source from the XDA Developers member reported that they found evidence of Xiaomi entering code for a refresh rate in the display setting of its recent MIUI 11 betas. The settings description of the beta phone stated that higher refresh rates would produce a smoother picture while a lower refresh rate will save on battery consumption. This description is quite similar to the description that users will find in other flagship phones when navigating the settings page for refresh rate.

When diving further into the code, they noticed that the setting currently has two codes for two entries, which is 60Hz and 120Hz. While no code for 90HZ refresh rate entry is spotted, the company’s future flagship smartphone may support both 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rate settings.

The 60Hz refresh rate is excellent enough for most people, and the 90Hz refresh rate has a better performance. Nevertheless, users claimed that the 90Hz looks quite the same as the 120Hz. So perhaps there is not much difference as the refresh rates go higher.

Other details about the upcoming smartphone are not yet revealed. Users are wondering whether the company’s first high refresh rate smartphones will come with an OLED panel or an LCD.

With the trend of a higher refresh rate phone getting increasingly popular, game developers should begin to develop games that operate on a minimum of 60fps.