Ubisoft Is Holding A Free Play Weekend For The Division 2; Trial Runs Until October 21

Ubisoft Is Holding A Free Play Weekend For The Division 2; Trial Runs Until October 21
Credit: IGN via YouTube 2

Every time a developer decides to open up their game to the public for free, that’s cause for celebration. It gives gamers the chance to sample what they otherwise might not have had the chance to play. A free offering is happening this weekend for The Division 2, an online action role-playing game developed by Massive Entertainment.

Ubisoft — the game’s publisher — has taken the liberty to make this free play weekend available in celebration of Episode 2 that just launched for Season Pass holders. The free play weekend will be available all the way until October 21, which is plenty of time to dive headfirst into the intense action that this game offers.

This sequel has garnered a lot of positive feedback since launching in March of this year. This time, the setting is Washington, D.C. A smallpox epidemic has just broke out and it’s up to the Strategic Homeland Division to put the pieces back together. There are a wide variety of missions you’ll have the chance to complete with up to four players. That’s what makes this online multiplayer a little different than others. Players also have the ability to join a clan — which can support up to 50 members. Upon doing so, each member can earn points that go towards the clan’s overall XP.

As you progress through the missions, you’ll have the chance to collect all sorts of weapons ranging from sniper rifles to assault rifles. Each weapon has different stats, which you’ll also be able to enhance the further along you get. Along with this weapon progression, your created character can improve their skills. The skills you upgrade depends on how you want to approach combat.

Along with playing with friends, you can make connections with NPCs in this game. Helping them complete tasks will net you XP and other gear. These tasks are great if you’re looking for additional content aside from the main story missions. After finishing the main game’s campaign and reaching level 30, you’ll get to complete the endgame. The challenges and enemies are much difficult, and you’ll even get to go toe to toe with the Black Tusk faction.

Overall, there’s a lot to experience during this free play weekend. Ubisoft is doing gamers an amazing service by letting them try out this major AAA title. If you like playing with friends online and progression, now’s the perfect time to jump in on the action.