Divinity: Fallen Heroes Shelved Indefinitely As Developer Needs More Time, Larian Studios Prioritizes Another Project

Divinity: Fallen Heroes Shelved Indefinitely As Developer Needs More Time, Larian Studios Prioritizes Another Project
Credit: Game Clips And Tips via YouTube

The upcoming tactical game from Larian Studios, the Divinity: Fallen Heroes, has been shelved indefinitely. Two main reasons have been cited for the said move.

The game was introduced on March 27 this year, and the positive reception was undeniable. However, the developer has decided to park it as of now and focus on another project.

Aside from putting its efforts on the latter, the company also mentioned about needing more time to develop the game. It can be recalled that Divinity: Fallen Heroes has an original release date of November 2019. It is, therefore, disappointing for some gamers to know about the developer’s decision a month before its original release schedule.

Larian Studios is working with Logic Artists in the development of the game. While working on the game, they also had to consider their individual projects. Larian has Baldur’s Gate 3, while Logic is giving enough attention to the Expedition series. Thus, they arrived at a common decision: to put the title, they are developing together on hold.

Amid this agreed move, Larian Studios committed to offering fans something that they would love. According to the game developer, it is moving toward creating it “soundly” to meet the awaiting players’ expectations.

Two months ago, a fan started a Reddit discussion on Divinity: Fallen Heroes. It was pointed out that nothing was heard about the game after it was launched. And this has already been answered by the latest news.

The announcement about the game from Larian Studios and Logic Artists was made through the former’s Twitter account. This ignited the curiosity and excitement of many fans. It was likewise revealed during that time that the developer’s objective is to reach as many gamers as they can.

In short, the upcoming title would be made available for different platforms. And this is a scenario that relieved some fans’ worries about seeing it on Epic Store alone.

Divinity: Fallen Heroes is a standalone title that features the well-loved characters of Divinity: Original Sin 2. Its players can anticipate numerous challenges, especially tricky decisions to take.

Nevertheless, plenty of enhancements in combat tactics would be integrated into its gameplay. Remarkable weapons would be offered, as well. As such, there is so much to do to achieve each goal and win every challenge. The story of the game revolves around the Divine Order and its mission to arrest Malady, the half-demon who took its doomsday weapons.