Xiaomi Expands Business Portfolio And Unveils Massive 34-Inch Mi Surface Gaming Monitor And The Standard 23.8-Inch

Xiaomi Expands Business Portfolio And Unveils Massive 34-Inch Mi Surface Gaming Monitor And The Standard 23.8-Inch
Credit: Data statistics via YouTube

Chinese mobile company Xiaomi is expanding its portfolio to include a new line of gaming monitors. The mobile industry giant has recently unveiled its first line of gaming monitor sets. This consists of the massive 34-inch curved gaming display and a second standard-sized version with a curved screen.

Xiaomi has recently enjoyed recognition for creating TVs and IoT-enabled devices. However, the company is not stopping there with the company’s attempt to penetrate the gaming industry. The company is also targeting being a full-pledged electronics brand.

The new Mi Surface gaming monitor features a 34-inch screen display of 3440×1440 pixels. The wide-screen monitor also has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a high 144z refresh rate and a 1500R curvature.

The gaming peripheral also comes with the AMD Freesync Technology support. It features a low Blu-Ray performance mode for light video showings. Xiaomi has also indicated that the new gaming monitor also supports 121% sRGB color gamut. This is a chromaticity feature of most modern monitors and gaming screens, giving you a higher quality display.

The curved display is being shipped to include bracket sets, which allows you to adjust the screen for lifting or rotating. The brackets easily snap together using its magnetic components.

There is no confirmed news about the display technology behind the new Xiaomi gaming monitors. Although many are quick to speculate that the display was provided by another industry giant, Samsung.

The smaller Mi Display 23.8-inch gaming monitor features a full HD resolution with a 178-degree viewing-angle range. It comes with a regular design and is equipped with control buttons on the right bottom of the panel’s bezel.

The monitor also features cylindrical brackets for viewing adjustments. The monitor has a minimalistic design, which is what Xiaomi might have intended for the lower-sized version. This lower-end version also sticks with its minimalistic design with just the branding and HDMI ports at the back. The power supply can also be found at the back panel of the gaming monitor.

Both the 34-inch display and the standard 23.8-inch gaming monitor has a 3-year warranty. Although the gaming peripherals have just been released in China, it would be available in other markets in the coming days.

The larger 23.8-inch Mi Surface display is currently priced at $98 and will be available on sale this 21st of October.